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Prices include 19% VAT.
Special offer price only applicable for the first registration year.
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Prices include 19% VAT.
Special offer price only applicable for the first registration year.

General information about a domain name transfer.

If you are the domain name holder or authorized to transfer {decodedDomain} and want to change your provider, you can initiate the {premium} transfer that the domain will be managed by alldomains.hosting - Ledl.net GmbH.

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Do a domain check

Simply enter the name of the desired domain during the domain check. Then select one or more domain endings. With a click on "Domain check" a domain check will be carried out in real time. You will immediately see if the desired domain is free and can be registered for you.

Promotional price

If you register a domain at a promotional price, the discounted price for the first year applies. In the following years, the standard price of the respective domain will be charged. The promotion prices as well as prices for the extension are visible in our domain price list, the respective detail pages and in the order process.

Register domain with special characters

For many domain extensions, including the .de domain, special characters in the domain name are possible. If you perform a domain check with a domain name with special characters, you will see immediately if this is possible with the desired domain.

Length of the domain

When you register a domain, the length of the domain name is typically 1-63 characters. A good overview and further details on the individual endings can be found on our accreditation page.

Duration of domain registration

If your customer account has the necessary credit, the registration of the domain is completed within a few minutes.

Domain is already registered

In this case, you either have the option to register a domain with a different extension or to submit an offer to the owner of the domain.

Special features of some domains

For some domains, there are certain guidelines for them to be registered. Information on this can be found on the detail pages of the domains and on our accreditation page.

Number of different domains

Currently, over 380 different domains can be registered with us.

To transfer a domain

Details on the process and further information can be found on our website: Transfer domain.

Cost for recovery of deleted domains

  • Restore: .at, .co.at and .or.at
    Cancelled or blocked, but not deleted, .co.at and .or.at-domains may be restored free of charge.
  • Restore: .de
    Cancelled and blocked .de-Domains can also be restored. For the recovery the owner of the domain has to send us a notice of revocation. The recreation of .de-domains is possible until 30 days after the cancellation. In addition to the domain fee you have to bear the recreation costs of €59.90
  • Undelete: gTLDs
    Canceled genereic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) will be blocked after the paid service period has expired. A renewal of expired and disabled gTLD domain-names is possible for 30 days. The cancellation has to be revoked in written to start the renewal of expired gTLD names. In addition to the domain renewal fee, a one-time service-fee for the processing of an undelete request in height of € 23.80 is charged. This affects the following gTLDs:
    .abogado, .academy, .accountant, .accountants, .actor, .adult, .agency, .airforce, .apartments, .app, .army, .art, .associates, .attorney, .auction, .audio, .auto, .autos, .baby, .band, .bar, .bargains, .bayern, .beer, .berlin, .best, .bet, .bid, .bike, .bingo, .bio, .biz, .black, .blackfriday, .blog, .blue, .boats, .boutique, .broker, .builders, .business, .buzz, .cab, .cafe, .cam, .camera, .camp, .capital, .car, .cards, .care, .careers, .cars, .casa, .cash, .casino, .catering, .ceo, .center, .charity, .chat, .cheap, .christmas, .church, .city, .claims, .cleaning, .click, .clinic, .clothing, .cloud, .club, .coach, .codes, .coffee, .college, .cologne, .com, .community, .company, .computer, .condos, .construction, .consulting, .contractors, .cooking, .cool, .country, .coupons, .credit, .creditcard, .cricket, .cruises, .dance, .date, .dating, .deals, .degree, .delivery, .democrat, .dental, .dentist, .desi, .design, .diamonds, .diet, .digital, .direct, .directory, .discount, .doctor, .dog, .domains, .download, .earth, .eco, .education, .email, .energy, .engineer, .engineering, .enterprises, .equipment, .estate, .events, .exchange, .expert, .exposed, .express, .fail, .faith, .family, .fan, .fans, .farm, .fashion, .feedback, .film, .finance, .financial, .fish, .fishing, .fit, .fitness, .flights, .florist, .flowers, .fo, .football, .forex, .forsale, .foundation, .fun, .fund, .furniture, .futbol, .fyi, .gallery, .game, .games, .garden, .gd, .gift, .gifts, .gives, .glass, .global, .gmbh, .gold, .golf, .graphics, .gratis, .green, .gripe, .group, .guide, .guitars, .guru, .hamburg, .haus, .health, .healthcare, .help, .hiphop, .hiv, .hockey, .holdings, .holiday, .homes, .horse, .hospital, .host, .hosting, .house, .how, .immo, .immobilien, .inc, .industries, .info, .ink, .institute, .insure, .international, .investments, .irish, .jetzt, .jewelry, .juegos, .kaufen, .kim, .kitchen, .koeln, .land, .law, .lawyer, .lease, .legal, .lgbt, .life, .lighting, .limited, .limo, .link, .live, .loan, .loans, .lol, .london, .lotto, .love, .ltd, .ltda, .luxe, .maison, .makeup, .management, .market, .marketing, .markets, .mba, .media, .memorial, .men, .miami, .moda, .moe, .mom, .money, .monster, .mortgage, .motorcycles, .movie, .navy, .net, .network, .news, .ninja, .nrw, .observer, .one, .onl, .online, .ooo, .org, .organic, .osaka, .page, .partners, .parts, .party, .pet, .photo, .photography, .photos, .pics, .pictures, .pink, .pizza, .place, .plumbing, .plus, .poker, .porn, .press, .pro, .productions, .promo, .properties, .property, .protection, .pub, .racing, .radio, .realestate, .realty, .recipes, .red, .rehab, .reise, .reisen, .reit, .rent, .rentals, .repair, .report, .republican, .rest, .restaurant, .review, .reviews, .rich, .rip, .rocks, .rodeo, .ruhr, .run, .saarland, .sale, .salon, .sarl, .school, .schule, .science, .security, .services, .sex, .sexy, .shoes, .shop, .shopping, .show, .singles, .site, .ski, .soccer, .social, .software, .solar, .solutions, .soy, .space, .sport, .srl, .storage, .store, .stream, .studio, .style, .sucks, .supplies, .supply, .support, .surf, .surgery, .systems, .tattoo, .tax, .taxi, .team, .tech, .technology, .tennis, .theater, .theatre, .tickets, .tienda, .tips, .tires, .tirol, .today, .tools, .top, .tours, .town, .toys, .trade, .trading, .training, .travel, .tube, .university, .vacations, .vegas, .ventures, .versicherung, .vet, .vg, .viajes, .video, .villas, .vin, .vip, .vision, .vodka, .vote, .voting, .voto, .voyage, .watch, .webcam, .website, .wedding, .wien, .wiki, .win, .wine, .work, .works, .world, .wtf, .yachts, .yoga and .zone
  • Restore: gTLDs
    After this 30 days period has expired, gTLD names are deleted at the Registry. To recover already deleted gTLD names, the cancellation has to be revoked in written. In addition to the domain renewal fee, a one-time service-fee for the domain restore-operation is charged. For:
      € 474.81
      € 2,854.81
      € 712,81
      € 238.00
      € 119,00

Renewal of domain names

As long as you do not cancel your domain name, it will be automatically renewed for another year before the date of expiration. You will receive an e-mail notification about the renewal 90, 60 and 30 days before the date of renewal of your domains and services. The e-mail address for notifications can be defined in your Customer Center.

Based on that notifications you have enough time to charge your customer account if you don’t have enough credit or cancel your unneeded domains. If you don’t have enough credit on your customer account it is not possible to execute an automatic renewal of your domain. Information about the renewal process and the consequences of a lack of credit can be found on the information page of each top level domain.

Terms of termination

You are able to cancel your products online in your Customer Center. Therefore go to "Purchases", select the product you want to cancel and click on "terminate". Please notice the last termination date, which can be found on the products detail page. Alternatively, you can terminate your services in written with our cancellation form. Please send the form which is signed by the domain owner via fax to +43 (0) 6215 20889 or scanned per e-mail to support@alldomains.hosting.