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91. Disclaimer  
Copyright & Disclaimer The copyright of all brand names and company names mentioned is owned by their respective trademark owners. Reproduction of the screenshots of all Microsoft Corporation…  
92. Customer Center  
The Customer Center The Customer Center: Explanation of the individual functions of the Customer Center The clear and easy to use Customer Center is used as…  
93. Whois  
Whois domain query  
94. Welcome  
Welcome to Domain-Registrar and Hosting-Provider Dear prospective customers! Welcome to our new domain and hosting branch for international customers:…  
95. Customer Center - Login  
Customer Center - Login Login Register as new customer Forgot password?  
96. SSL - WebMail  
SSL - WebMail Open  
97. Control Panel  
Control Panel Open  
98. Inactive  
Domain and Hosting Service is inactive Our services for that domain name were discontinued.  
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