Earn money with the
Affiliate Program
of alldomains.hosting

Affiliate Programm

The benefits at a glance:

  • 30% commission on hosting!
  • 30% commission on SSL!
  • 10% commission on domains!
  • Commission also for offers
  • Banner assistant
  • Configurable affiliate links

It works that easy:

With a few steps you can generate your alldomains.hosting banner and include it or a web link in your website to earn money. All banners are responsive and fit perfectly to all display sizes like smartphones.
Affiliate Banner Wizard

Generate Code

With the Affiliate Banner Assistant on this page you can generate the code for the banner.

Insert your SID number (customer number) and click on "generate banner".


Placing Banner

After creating the desired banner with our Affiliate Banner Assistant for your website, you can include the generated code into your website.

If you need any help at this step don’t hesitate to contact our support.



If the visitor of your website clicks on the banner or uses the domain query of the banner they will be redirected to our website.
On the PC of your users a cookie will be saved for the next 30 days.



If the customer orders a domain or a hosting package within the time of 30 days you will get the commission charged to your customer account depending on the product or domain ending.

Starting at € 50.00 credit you can request a pay to your bank account.

Commission examples alldomains.hosting affiliate program

DOMAINS - 10% commission

  • .game

    Annual fee (excl. VAT): € 252.09
    Commission for you: € 25.21

  • .berlin

    Annual fee (excl. VAT): € 29.40
    Commission for you: € 2.94

  • .shop

    Annual fee (excl. VAT): € 1.66
    Commission for you: € 0.17

  • .bayern

    Annual fee (excl. VAT): € 21.00
    Commission for you: € 2.10

  • .rich

    Annual fee (excl. VAT): € 1596.60
    Commission for you: € 159.66

  • .versicherung

    Annual fee (excl. VAT): € 100.00
    Commission for you: € 10.00

HOSTING & SSL - 30% commission

  • Pro Host

    Annual fee (excl. VAT): € 72.55
    Commission for you: € 21.77

  • Pro Blog

    Annual fee (excl. VAT): € 72.00
    Commission for you: € 21.60

  • Nine Mailer

    Annual fee (excl. VAT): € 36.00
    Commission for you: € 10.80

  • Homepage Baukasten PREMIUM

    Annual fee (excl. VAT): € 30.15
    Commission for you: € 9.05

  • Comodo® PositiveSSL SNI

    Annual fee (excl. VAT): € 33.60
    Commission for you: € 10.08

  • Comodo® SSL

    2 years term (excl. VAT): € 210.07
    Commission for you: € 63.02

Worth knowing about the affiliate program:

  • You don’t need to buy any domain or hosting product at us to use our affiliate programm. You only need to register as a customer to get an SID number (customer number). With that customer number you are now able to generate an affiliate banner and the provision can get added to your credit.
  • The affiliate program is free of charge for you.
  • You also receive commissions for domain offers, premium domains and hosting promotions.
  • We are happy to help you with the integration of the banner on your website. Please feel free to contact our support.
  • You can customize the respective affiliate banner to your wishes.
  • Here are the terms & conditions for the affiliate program

Terms & conditions for the affiliate program

Legal agreement between Ledl.net GmbH and the affiliate partners. By signing up as an affiliate partner, you agree to the following terms of use:

1.1 ) The affiliate partner registers online via the affiliate-banner-assistant or in writing via the affiliate registration form as an affiliate partner of Ledl.net GmbH (hereafter alldomains.hosting).

1.2) The affiliate partner inserts texts and/or graphics on his website with a link to alldomains.hosting. The link contains the affiliate partner's unique affiliate-SID. This affiliate SID allows an attribution of visitors to affiliates.

1.3) If a visitor follows a graphic banner or a text link to the website of alldomains.hosting, a cookie is stored on the visitor's device, provided the visitor's browser settings allow cookies to be stored. This is the default setup of most browsers.

1.4) The affiliate partner cookie is valid for 30 days. A new affiliate partner cookie replaces an existing cookie and is again valid for 30 days. The cookie allows the alldomains.hosting order system to recognize that the customer has visited our website through the affiliate partner's website. The affiliate partner cookie does not store any personal or device-related data of the visitor.

1.5) If the visitor orders a domain registration, a web hosting package, and/or an SSL certificate within this period, the following commissions are credited to the affiliate partner:

  • Web hosting packages: 30% commission from first year sales.
  • SSL certificate: 30% commission from first year sales.
  • Domain registration: 10% commission from first year sales.

1.6) Basically, commissions are paid for an unlimited amount of orders. Commissions for domain orders at promotional prices are limited to a maximum of 50 promotion domains per new customer.

1.7) alldomains.hosting reserves the right to change the commission rates according to market conditions at any time. A retroactive change of the commission rates is not intended.

2.1) The referred customer must voluntarily and consciously follow the partner link. Deceptions or technical tricks for the generation of the link retrieval are prohibited, as well as the presentation of the alldomains.hosting website in a frame of the advertising site.

2.2) Setting the cookie with the affiliate-SID is only allowed if the customer consciously follows the alldomains.hosting affiliate link and knowingly visits the website of alldomains.hosting.

2.3) The affiliate partner's online offer, which refers to the alldomains.hosting website, must be a page distinct from the alldomains.hosting website. A (even partial) copy of content from the alldomains.hosting website is not allowed to affiliate partners without explicit approval by alldomains.hosting.

2.4) The affiliate partner is permitted to use the brand name alldomains.hosting in the form of the affiliate advertising materials provided by alldomains.hosting. There is neither an additional right of use, nor a license granted beside this granted usage. Any other use of the brand alldomains.hosting requires the prior written consent of alldomains.hosting.

2.5) The affiliate partner is prohibited from registering domain names containing the term alldomains.hosting, variants of the term alldomains.hosting (e.g. typos), and running their own website at such domain name. This also applies to usernames, identifiers, account names, etc. in social medias (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), forums, comparison portals, and other online services.

2.6) The affiliate partner is not allowed to claim to visitors that visiting the alldomains.hosting website via the affiliate partner link will result in benefits over regular visitors directly accessing the alldomains.hosting website. The affiliate partner must not disclose any inaccurate information about the offer and services of alldomains.hosting.

3.1) There is only a contractual relationship between the customer/visitor (advertised by the affiliate partner) and alldomains.hosting.

3.2) The affiliate partner is not authorized to act on behalf of alldomains.hosting, submit orders for alldomains.hosting, and/or make any statements or commitments on behalf of alldomains.hosting.

3.3) The conclusion of contracts with end customers is a free decision of the provider. alldomains.hosting explicitly reserves the right to refuse customers for important reasons, even if they were conveyed through links from affiliate partners.

3.4) The affiliate partner may place any number of affiliate links to alldomains.hosting on web pages. However, alldomains.hosting reserves the right to request a change in placement if a listing has a negative impact for the alldomains.hosting brand or website.

3.5) alldomains.hosting values its good name, insists on lawful business operations and compliance with laws. The affiliate partner agrees to display the advertising for alldomains.hosting only on sites that are fully compliant with the laws of his state. Affiliate advertising on sexually offensive, pornographic, discriminatory, violent or inciting pages is strictly prohibited. It is also strictly prohibited to advertise on sites with illegal content, sites where the copyright of third parties is infringed, sites that offend common decency, and sites that are due to unwanted activity (e.g. spam, malware, etc.) or due to the content (link farms, parking sites without own content, software/product fraud sites, distribution of dialers, subscription traps, adware, etc.) listed on so-called blacklists and therefore harm or may harm the reputation of alldomains.hosting.

3.6) The affiliate partner indemnifies, defends and holds harmless alldomains.hosting from all claims that could be asserted against alldomains.hosting by third parties because of violations of regulations (trademark violations, infringement of the rights of third parties, infringement of competition laws, etc.) by websites of the affiliate partner. This includes the legal defense costs of alldomains.hosting.

3.7) Alldomains.hosting reserves the right to change the affiliate partner program rules. Changed rules will be immediately effective for all future affiliate partner recommendations to alldomains.hosting.

4.1) Commissions are granted, as soon as a customer referred via the affiliate partner link has completely fulfilled his payment obligations towards alldomains.hosting and the 30-day money-back guarantee for webhosting services granted by alldomains.hosting has passed by unused.

4.2) The payment of accumulated commissions will be made - at the request of the affiliate partner - from a credit of EUR 50.00. The money is transferred to a regular bank account or PayPal account of the affiliate partner. If the affiliate partner purchases paid services as a customer of alldomains.hosting, any credit balance of the affiliate partner arising from recommendations will be primary used to cover the costs of such services. Amounts used for the payment of services of alldomains.hosting are shown as a separate item on bills.

4.3) Commissions granted for frustrated payments (e.g. credit-card charge-back) are reversed. The affiliate partner has to refund already granted commissions completely to alldomains.hosting in such case. Reversals are quite rare in practice. It requires harmful intent and/or criminal energy of the recruited customer to trigger this situation.

4.4) If the affiliate partner strongly violates these agreements, and is also not willing to comply, commissions may be void.