Earn money with the
Affiliate Program
of alldomains.hosting

Affiliate Programm

The benefits to a glance:

  • 30% commission on hosting!
  • Up to € 50.00 commission at domains!
  • Free promotional material
  • Banner assistant
  • Applies for hosting and domains
  • Configurable affiliate links

It works that easy:

With a few steps you can generate you alldomains.hosting banner and include it or a web link in your website to earn money. All banners are responsive and fit perfectly to all display sizes like smartphones.
Affiliate Banner Wizard

Generate Code

With the Affiliate Banner Assistant on this page you can generate the code for the banner.

Insert your SID number (customer number) and click on "generate banner".


Placing Banner

After creating the desired banner with our Affiliate Banner Assistant for your website, you can include the generated code into your website.

If you need any help at this step don’t hesitate to contact our support.



If the visitor of your website clicks on the banner or uses the domain query of the banner they will be redirected to our website.
On the PC of your users a cookie will be saved for the next 30 days.



If the customer orders a domain or a hosting package within the time of 30 days you will get the commission charged to your customer account depending on the product or domain ending.

Starting at € 59.90 (incl. 19% VAT) credit you can request a pay to your bank account.

NOTE: You don’t need to buy any domain or hosting product at us to use our affiliate programm. You only need to register as a customer to get an SID number (customer number). With that customer number you are now able to generate an affiliate banner and the provision can get added to your credit.

How the commission does looks?

The commission depends on the yearly price (excl. VAT.) of each domain or hosting package.
€ 1

up to € 10.00

If a domain with a yearly price up to € 10.00 (excl. VAT.) gets ordered, you will get a commission of € 1.00.

Samples: .de, .eu, .com, .net, .work, .click, .koeln, .one, .link, .cologne, .pictures, .space

€ 5

up to € 50.00

If a domain with a yearly price starting at € 10.00 (excl. VAT.) and up to € 50.00 (excl. VAT.) gets ordered, you will get a commission of € 5.00-

Samples: .berlin, .bayern, .online, .hamburg, .club, .ruhr, .nrw, .kaufen, .website, .tips, .immobilien, .gmbh

€ 10

over € 50.00

If a domain with a yearly price of more than € 50.00 excl. VAT.) gets ordered, you will get a commission of € 10.00.

Samples: .casino, .creditcard, .versicherung, .adult, .credit, .energy, .accountants, .gold, .investments, .loans

€ 50


If a customer order a .rich domain you will receive a commission of € 50.00.

30 %


If a hosting package gets ordered, you will receive a commission of 30% of the yearly price (excl. VAT.) of the hosting package.

Sample: Pro Host: Yearly price € 84.00 excl. VAT. You get a commission of 30% which equals to € 25.20.

NOTE: Domain and hosting special offers and premium domains are excluded from the affiliate program.