payment methods
at alldomains.hosting

The payment at us is based on a prepaid system. To complete and execute your order, you need to have enough credit at your customer account. Down on this page you can find all available payment methods you can use to charge your credit.

The Invoice

All for the customer generate invoices are available for at least one year in the Customer Center. There you can print each invoice as recipe. NOTE: The invoices in the Customer Center are only available after a successful renewal of the products.

Online SOFORT Banking

  • Convenient payment using your familiar online banking details
  • Directly within one process, without a second account (eWallet)
  • Direct and binding payment
  • Thanks to the transaction confirmation your order can be processed usually faster than by advanced payment
  • Double protection qualified by online banking login details and confirmation codes.
  • Your confidential login details and confirmation codes will not be stored

More information about Online SOFORT Banking can be found here

Your payment to us via SOFORT appears as an (instant) transfer in your account transactions.
This transfer is made to our account with the IBAN FI87 7997 7992 8675 36 (BIC: HOLVFIHH).

Credit Card or PayPal

Pay with credit card and we will activate your domain right away. The credit card data is always transferred encrypted.

Payment with bitcoin or litecoin

We also accept a payment with bitcoin or litecoin. For payment with bitcoin or with litecoin as payment method, please select "Money transfer" and contact us after the order regarding the payment. Our accounting department will then inform you about the necessary steps and the exact procedure.

Money transfer

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please notice:
A payment during the order is not possible. We wait for the receipt of the amount and then you can order your domain. In the meantime, it could happen that the domain is taken by someone else, because according to national registration principles, priority is given to the first payer.

Account data

Bank: Erste Österr. Bank der Sparkassen AG
Recipient: Ledl.net GmbH
IBAN: AT64 2011 1287 1353 2000

Value added tax (VAT):

The price can vary, depending on the country of residence of the customer, according to the 2006/112/EG guideline in the latest version. In all offered prices applicable to the Federal Republic of Germany a VAT of 19% is included.