High Security
Data Center

99.9% availability is achieved by the following measures:

  • Redundant HPE server for maximum reliability
  • Latest SSDs for perfect speed of your homepage and emails
  • Redundant HPE FlexFabric 10G/40G network infrastructure
  • Multi 10G uplinks for high availability and short response times
  • Redundant connection to the international Tier3 fiber optic networks
  • alldomains.hosting is a member of RIPE, Network Coordination Center
  • Electronic network and server monitoring 24/7
  • Short response time in case of technical problems

Hardware for webhosting, databases and e-mail server hosting

For our hosting servers we use reliable hardware from the premium manufacturer Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

  • HPE DL385gen10 dual-processor-systems, 2x AMD® Epyc 7451 CPUs with 48 cores 2.3GHz (48Core+SMT+Turbo) with the following equipment:
    • Micron 5200 ECO datacenter Hot-Swap SSDs á 3,84TB in RAID5 compound
    • 2 Intel D3-S4510 M.2 SSDs in RAID1-compound for the host operating system
  • per hardware server 512 reg-ECC DDR4 RAM
  • Each server is equipped with two power supplies and redundant Intel X550-T2 network cards. The connection is fail-safe with 40-60 GBit / s transmission bandwidth.
  • Automated mirroring of all customer websites and email servers on second devices in fail-over mode to guarantee maximum availability.
  • Spare parts for all relevant server modules in stock.

Original photos of our hosting hardware in germany:

datacenter in munich

The data center in Munich: A professional environment for important projects.

Rack by Rack

Optimally air-conditioned and monitored 24/7, rack by rack.

Backup server for failover operation

A selection of our servers for failover operation, a storage system for backups and a HPE 10G/40G Top of Rack Switch.

HPE servers with dual AMD® Epyc 7451 CPUs

Two HPE Hosting Servers each equipped with two up-to-date AMD® Epyc CPUs, a decent amount of RAM and Micron Datacenter SSDs for high-performance hosting.

munich datacenter air conditioning

Powerful air conditioning: Keep it cool even when it's hot outside.

Switches with front-to-back airflow

Switches with front-to-back airflow for a consistent cooling concept are state-of-the-art for us.

40G Cross-Connects and 10G-Upstreams

40G cross-connects and 10G upstreams ensure high performance network performance.

Server network connection

Four to six connections per server, management via dedicated network connection.

Assembly of an AMD® Epyc CPU

Assembly of an AMD® Epyc CPU by one of our technicians.

Inside a HPE DL385gen10 Server.

Inside a HPE DL385gen10 Server - Detail of Performance Fans and NVMe/SAS Backplane.

Close-up view of an AMD® Epyc CPU

The underside of an AMD® Epyc CPU - image taken before the server assembly.

Heatsink of a HPE DL385gen10 server

High-Performance Heatsink of a HPE DL385gen10 server.

Highest security for the hosting servers is made possible by::

  • UPS (uninterruptable power supply)
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Best temperature climate control for optimum operation of all Web Hosting Server
  • Air dehumidifier
  • Automatic fire alarm system with Inergen gas fire extinguishing system
  • High security entrance lock
  • Building security by fencing, video surveillance and security roller door
  • Access control by professional security staff

4 DNS server provide the maximum reliability of your domain

Four DNS servers on two different locations in Austria and Germany secure the availability of your domain:

  • ns1.alldomains.hosting
  • ns2.alldomains.hosting
  • ns3.alldomains.hosting
  • ns4.alldomains.hosting

The DNS server runs in an automatic failover server cluster. This guarantees the high availability of your domains. Every customer is able to edit the DNS entries of the corresponding domain in the Customer Center.

Used software on our servers:

DebianMySQLPostgreSQLPHPVServerApache Webserver

Daily backups:

We create daily backups of all your files, databases, e-mails. Backups are performed daily and are saved for at least 7 days. If you need a backup, simply contact our support and we will inform you about the available backups and costs of restoring for the requested data.

Note: In the alldomains.hosting Control Panel you can also use the Backup module to create a backup of your data. You can choose a compression format (.zip/.7z) to ensure a quick download of your data.