Hosting Control Panel

Hosting Control Panel overview

The Hosting Control Panel modules in detail

Control Panel Backups


With the module Backups you can create a backup of your files, e-mails and databases. The backups can be made in any interval automatically.

 Details: Backups

Control Panel User

Control Panel User

With that module you are able to manage all your Control Panel Users. For each user different permissions can be set to limit the access to some modules and or Features.

 Details: Control Panel User

Control Panel Logs

Control Panel Logs

All activities related to the Control Panel are listed with details here. You can see any change, for example the change of an e-mail password and when was it done.

 Details: Control Panel Logs

Control Panel Dateimanager

File Manager

The File Manager allows you to manage all the files and directories on your hosting package. With the integrated editor you are able to edit files directly.

 Details: File Manager

Control Panel Databases


With the Databases module you can create, delete and edit the in your hosting package included databases.

 Details: Databases

Control Panel Domain Redirect

Domain Redirect

The Control Panel module Domain Redirect provides everything you need to create an URL or FRAME redirection.

 Details: Domain Redirect

Control Panel Zusatzdomain


That module is needed to add add-on-domains to your hosting package. Depending on your hosting package you can be able to use it for more than one domain as full qualified hosting package.

 Details: Domains

Control Panel Email Manager

Email Manager

The e-mail manager module allows you to create, manage or delete your e-mail accounts. It is also used to enable and configure the spam filter of each e-mail account.

 Details: Email Manager

Control Panel Web Development

Web Development

The Web Development module allows you to set the PHP version for the whole hosting package or only for some directories. An own php.ini file can be created and detailed sever logs can be viewed.

 Details: Web Development

Control Panel Error Pages

Error Pages

You are able to define an own error page which is saved on your webspace for each error code (e.g. 401, 403, 404).

 Details: Error Pages

Control Panel Formmail


Easily create forms on your website. With the help of FormMail you can check the inserted data and send them as e-mail.

 Details: FormMail

Control Panel FTP Manager


With the FTP-Manager you can manage all FTP users of your hosting package. Create new users, change passwords and set access permissions for each user.

 Details: FTP-Manager

Control Panel Geschützte Verzeichnisse

Prodtected Directories

With that module you are able to create directories with a password protection. You can create an unlimited number of users.

 Details: Protected Directories

Control Panel Jabber Chat

Jabber Chat

With the Control Panel module Jabber Chat you are able to communicate free and anonymous. There is no storage of your data.

 Details: Jabber Chat

Control Panel Remote Access

Remote Access

The Remote-Access module provides the setup for an ssh-connection to your webspace. Besides of the default applications, you can use tools like GIT and Composer.

 Details: Remote Access

Control Panel Software


Depending on the selected hosting package you are able to choose between different free software solutions in our one-click installer.

 Details: Software

Control Panel SSL

SSL Security

If you have an SSL certificate installed, you are able to see all information here. You can enable and disable the SSL access of your site.

 Details: SSL Security

Control Panel Stats


The statistic tools, like AWStats, provides detailed information about visitors, visited pages, used browsers, origins, length of stay and more.

 Details: Statistics

Control Panel Webmail


In that module you are able to start the preferred webmail client and set the client which opens when visiting the short URL (www.domain.tld/up).

 Details: Webmail

The Control Panel is the central management software for your hosting package, e-mail server package or WordPress hosting. That software is developed by our own and is perfectly optimized for our hosting servers. The software is continuously improved and extended by our developers. The Control Panel is accessed with a normal web browser that guarantees that you can manage your hosting package from anywhere and from any device with internet access. The numerous modules are designed to be intuitive for any user, no matter if you are a beginner or professional. For example with the file manager you are able to upload, create files and edit them directly in your browser. This function can be useful when you are on the go and only have a device without FTP client and editor available like a smartphone or tablet. With the module Databases you are able to create and manage your databases and with the module E-mailmanager you can completely manage your e-mail accounts. The Backup module provides the ability to create scheduled backups of your files, databases and e-mail accounts. If for example your homepage doesn’t work after some changes or an update, you can restore the latest working version of your site with a few simple steps. Depending on your hosting package you are able to install different software with a few clicks. Detailed descriptions and manuals with pictures can be found on this page and on each details page. As management software for all hosting packages, WordPress hosting packages and e-mail server packages the well-engineered and intuitive Domaintechnik® Control Panel is used.

 More information and tipps can be found in our manual