The Hosting Control Panel module FormMail provides the ability to check form inputs, show confirmation pages and send the content per e-mail. Quick Access:

Open module FormMail

Please, login to your Hosting Control Panel. You have 3 different possibilities to start your Control Panel:
  • either you enter "www.yourdomain.tld" (www.yourdomain.tld have to be replaced by your own domain) into the address bar of your browser
  • or you use the Control Panel Login at our website
  • or you start it directly inside your Customer Center
    In your Customer Center switch to the tab "Purchases" and move your mouse over the hosting package and click on the link "Control Panel" at the side menu that popped up.
Start the module FormMail inside your Control Panel.

#Install FormMail

Click on "Install" in the module FormMail and approve the setup with a click on "Install".

#Setup recipients

On the right of "Update mail recipients:" click on "Update" and insert the needed e-mail addresses. To approve your settings click on "Save".

#Delete FormMail

On the right of "Deactivate FormMail for your domain" click on "Uninstall" to disable FormMail. Approve the uninstallation with "Uninstall".

#Use FormMail

To use FormMail you need to create a form in your document by using the following code: For the form start:
For the form end:
Between these tags you can create the needed fields. For help you find detailed descriptions to each form-field in the FormMail module.