MySQL or PostgreSQL for your webhosting

At our Hosting Packages starting with the "Plus Host" and at all our WordPress Hosting Packages you have one or more databases available. The management of your databases is done with the Hosting Control Panel module Databases. You can select between two different database types:
  • MySQL (Management tool: phpMyAdmin)
  • PostgreSQL (Management tool: phpPgAdmin)
With each management tool the management of your database is possible with a few steps. The access of the management tool is available in the Control Panel module Databases (go to "Action >" and select "Manage (phpMyAdmin)") Quick access:

Open the Database module

At first you need to login to your Hosting Control Panel. You have 3 different possibilities to start your Control Panel:
  • either you enter "www.yourdomain.tld" (www.yourdomain.tld have to be replaced by your own domain) into the address bar of your browser
  • or you use the Control Panel Login at our website
  • or you start it directly in your Customer Center
    Inside your Customer Center switch to the tab "Purchases" and move your mouse over the hosting package and click on the link "Control Panel" at the side menu that popped up.
Open the module Database inside your Control Panel.

#Create new database

To create a new database click on "Add new Database". Select database system: First you need to select your preferred database type. You can choose between "MySQL" and "PostgreSQL".


Select version: In the next step you need to select the needed version of you database system.


Choose name: Insert a unique name for your database.


Enter password: Now enter a secure password for your database.


Confirmation: Finally you get an overview about the selected settings. After controlling your settings, click in "Next >" to continue. Finish: To create your new database finally click on "Finish Wizard".

#Open management tool

To open the management tool for each database go to "Action >" on the left at your database and select "Manage (phpMyAdmin)" (MySQL) or "Manage (phpPgAdmin)" (PostgreSQL).

#Access data

To get the access data for your database go to "Action >" and then "Access data". Now you will see a view with all the data you need to access your database.

#New password

With the button "Action >" and "Change Password" you are able to change your database password.

#Delete database

With "Action >" and "Delete" you can delete your database.