Protected Directories

With the Hosting Control Panel module Protected Directories you can create password protected directories in your www directory. The needed user and the password can be defined by your own.

Quick access:

Open module Protected Directories

First, please login to your Hosting Control Panel. Choose one of the 3 possibilities to start your Control Panel:
  • either you enter "www.yourdomain.tld" (www.yourdomain.tld have to be replaced by your own domain) into the address bar of your browser
  • or you use the Control Panel Login at our website
  • or you start it directly inside your Customer Center
    In your Customer Center switch to the tab "Purchases" and move your mouse over the hosting package and click on the link "Control Panel" at the side menu that popped up.
Open the module Protected Directories.

#Create user

To create a new user you need to select the tab "Users" and then click on "Create User". Insert a username and a password and finish with "Create".

#Change the user password

If you want to change the password for an existing user you need to go to "Action >" of the user and select "Update". Now you can provide a new password, to save it click on "Save".

#Create a protected directory

To protect a directory you need to select the tab "Directories" and then click on "Add Directory".
Now select the directory you want to protect. Provide a title and select the users which should have access to the new directory.

Finally click on "Save".

#Manage a protected directory

To change the title of a existing directory or modify the users which have access you need to go to "Action >" and then select "Update". Now you can modify anything you want. Finally you need to click on "Save" to apply your changes.