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t:  +49 (0) 8654 4042002
(Mo-Th: 08:00 - 17:00, Fr. 08:00 - 15:30 CET)
f:  +43 (0) 6215 20889
e:  support(at)

Abuse Contact Information

Please contact us in case of gTLD domain name abuse at:

+43 (0) 6215 / 20888999

Procedures applicable for abuse-reports

All valid abuse-reports are handled and tracked by our issue-tracking-system. Abuse-reports submitted to are validated by one of our team-members. Any submitted report needs to contain at least the following information:
  • The fully qualified domain-name (e.g.
  • The reason for complaint
  • Documentary evidence (e.g. a screen-shot of a fraudulent website, available log-files, etc.)
  • Full name, postal address, e-mail-address and phone-number of the claimant
Our staff is assigning a unique ticket-number to all valid abuse-reports. Valid reports are handled by our abuse department within 72 hours. Please only submit abuse-reports for gTLD-domain-names managed by GmbH. Note: In accordance with ICANNs terms and conditions for the handling of abuse-reports, all valid abuse-reports submitted to are stored for a period of two years. Abuse reports may be reviewed by ICANN within this period.

The abuse emergency line is dedicated to report abuse cases relating gTLD domain names.

Our regular customer support is not available at this number. A penalty fee of EUR 200 plus VAT will be charged for any other calls made to the abuse emergency number.

Contact Information for investigative authorities - EU 2021/784

Please contact us in regards of terrorist content at:

+43 (0) 6215 / 20888999

Procedures applicable for enquiries based on EU 2021/784

All reports are handled and tracked by our issue-tracking-system. Reports submitted to are validated and handled by one of our abuse-team-members. Requests should have a valid digital signature and should include the clerk's contact details.

Support Contact Information

Please contact us at support(at) for 24x7 domain name support. Our phone support is available at +49 (0) 8654 4042002 during office hours.

Procedures applicable for support-requests

All e-mails sent to support(at) are handled by our issue-tracking-system. Please provide us with as much information as possible to allow us a fast and satisfiying response to your concern. Our issue-tracking system is automatically assigning a ticket-number to all incoming enquiries. A confirmation is sent per e-mail, once a new ticket has been created. Our support staff is responding within 24 hours. If you're not satisfied with our customer-support, please feel free to escalate your issue to complain(at) One of our Senior Supporters will verify your concerns carefully and come back to you with an convenient solution within one working day. Please only submit support-requests for domain-names managed by GmbH. Please query the Registrar responsible for your domain-name at (for gTLD-domain-names) if you're not sure, which ICANN accredited Registrar is managing your domain-name.