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Prices include 19% VAT.
Special offer price only applicable for the first registration year.

General information about a domain name transfer.

If you are the domain name holder or authorized to transfer {decodedDomain} and want to change your provider, you can initiate the {premium} transfer that the domain will be managed by alldomains.hosting - Ledl.net GmbH.

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You can set up free domain and email forwarding for all your domains.

Domain forwarding: There are two ways to forward your domain to the destination address:

  • URL forwarding: The destination address will be visible after forwarding in the address bar of the browser.
  • FRAME forwarding: Instead of the destination address, your domain will be displayed in the address bar of the browser.

E-mail forwarding: you can forward all e-mails that are sent to your domain name (eg: office@yourdomain.tld) to any e-mail address.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU wide law which determines the data protection regulations.

Domain data from natural persons(EU citizens) are not publicly available by default. If an organization name is specified, this name is displayed in public WHOIS. In legally justified cases, the registry provides information to authorized persons like a Registrar has to at ICANN-approved WHOIS-privacy-services.

This regulation applies to over 90% of the domain endings offered. The handling depends on the responsible registry.

In your customer center you can change the DNS settings of your domain with the Domain Zone Editor.

For each domain you have free access to our 4 name servers. You can add new records and edit existing records. For example, you can create subdomains for your domain and much more with the DNS Zone Editor.

You can create an unlimited amount of subdomains for each domain registered at us.

For example, if you want to set up your own shop at the subdomain shop.yourdomain.tld, you can do this with just a few clicks in your customer center.

Our excellent support team is always available:

Phone suport: Mo-Th from 8am to 5pm and on Friday from 8am to 3:30pm.

E-mail support is available 24x7 every day a year.

In addition, our extensive domain and hosting manual contains useful instructions and answers to many questions about your products or various settings.


Domain price list

All prices incl. 19% VAT!
TitleDomainannual fee in €Filter
Ac.ac35.70 instead of 65.45
Academy.academy17.85 instead of 38.08
Accountant.accountant26.18 instead of 29.75
Accountants.accountants23.80 instead of 102.34
Actor.actor14.88 instead of 42.84
Adult.adult94.99 instead of 99.96
Agency.agency5.95 instead of 29.75
Armenien.am44.90 instead of 49.98
Apartments.apartments49.98 instead of 57.12
App.app16.66 instead of 19.04
Art.art4.76 instead of 33.32
Asia.asia14.28 instead of 17.85
Associates.associates14.88 instead of 36.89
Auction.auction29.75 instead of 34.51
Audio.audio136.85 instead of 148.75
Österreich (Austria).at
11.90 instead of 15.47
Autos.autos2.38 instead of 17.85
Baby.baby21.42 instead of 65.45
Band.band17.85 instead of 33.32
Bar.bar3.56 instead of 77.35
Bargains.bargains11.90 instead of 35.70
Basketball.basketball45.22 instead of 47.60
Bayern.bayern27.37 instead of 29.75
Belgien.be10.71 instead of 11.90
Beer.beer29.75 instead of 33.32
Berlin.berlin49.98 instead of 54.98
Best.best3.99 instead of 23.80
Bible.bible47.60 instead of 53.55
Bid.bid5.95 instead of 29.75
Bike.bike11.90 instead of 35.70
Bingo.bingo47.60 instead of 53.55
Internationale Domain (business).biz22.61 instead of 26.18
Black.black14.88 instead of 57.12
Blackfriday.blackfriday129.71 instead of 139.23
Blog.blog4.76 instead of 29.75
Blue.blue14.88 instead of 24.99
Boats.boats2.38 instead of 17.85
Bond.bond2.98 instead of 14.88
Boo.boo13.09 instead of 15.47
Boston.boston11.90 instead of 16.90
Boutique.boutique3.99 instead of 34.51
Buil.build29.75 instead of 39.27
Builders.builders29.75 instead of 35.70
Business.business13.09 instead of 17.85
Buzz.buzz29.75 instead of 32.13
Cab.cab29.75 instead of 34.51
Cafe.cafe8.33 instead of 40.46
Cam.cam19.04 instead of 21.42
Camera.camera53.55 instead of 60.69
Camp.camp49.98 instead of 58.31
Capital.capital11.90 instead of 65.45
Car.car2,735.81 instead of 2,973.81
Cards.cards32.13 instead of 39.27
Care.care14.88 instead of 42.84
Career.career113.05 instead of 124.95
Careers.careers29.75 instead of 65.45
Cars.cars2,735.81 instead of 2,973.81
Casa.casa7.14 instead of 8.33
Case.case2,735.81 instead of 2,973.81
Cash.cash14.88 instead of 39.27
Casino.casino8.33 instead of 149.94
Catering.catering29.75 instead of 35.70
Cocos Insel.cc8.93 instead of 11.90
Center.center9.52 instead of 27.37
Ceo.ceo95.20 instead of 107.10
Schweiz.ch14.28 instead of 20.23
Channel.channelfrom 2024
Charity.charity14.88 instead of 32.13
Chat.chat11.90 instead of 35.70
Cheap.cheap8.33 instead of 35.70
Christmas.christmas65.45 instead of 77.35
Church.church8.33 instead of 40.46
City.city5.95 instead of 27.37
Claims.claims14.88 instead of 65.45
Cleaning.cleaning49.98 instead of 59.50
Click.click1.48 instead of 15.47
Clinic.clinic14.88 instead of 59.50
Clothing.clothing29.75 instead of 34.51
Cloud.cloud16.90 instead of 20.23
Club.club19.04 instead of 26.18
Co - Columbia.co35.70 instead of 41.65
Co.uk - United Kingdom.co.uk8.33 instead of 9.52
Coach.coach14.88 instead of 59.50
Codes.codes5.95 instead of 59.50
Coffee.coffee11.90 instead of 35.70
College.college21.42 instead of 61.88
Cologne.cologne27.37 instead of 29.75
Internationale Domain (commercial).com13.09 instead of 15.47
Community.community29.75 instead of 35.70
Company.company11.90 instead of 16.66
Compare.compare29.75 instead of 33.32
Computer.computer14.88 instead of 35.70
Condos.condos44.03 instead of 54.74
Construction.construction29.75 instead of 35.70
Consulting.consulting20.23 instead of 42.84
Contact.contact11.90 instead of 16.66
Contractors.contractors29.75 instead of 34.51
Cooking.cooking29.75 instead of 33.32
Cool.cool8.33 instead of 35.70
Country.country2,735.81 instead of 2,973.81
Coupons.coupons5.95 instead of 58.31
Courses.courses29.75 instead of 32.13
Credit.credit9.52 instead of 98.77
Creditcard.creditcard136.85 instead of 170.17
Cricket.cricket26.18 instead of 29.75
Cruises.cruises47.60 instead of 54.74
Cyou.cyou2.38 instead of 14.88
Dad.dad14.28 instead of 16.66
Dance.dance8.33 instead of 29.75
Day.day11.90 instead of 14.28
Date.date5.95 instead of 29.75
Dating.dating23.80 instead of 59.50
Deals.deals29.75 instead of 35.70
Delivery.delivery9.52 instead of 58.31
Deutschland (Germany).de4.76 instead of 5.95
Democrat.democrat29.75 instead of 34.51
Dental.dental49.98 instead of 60.69
Desi.desi16.66 instead of 19.04
Design.design53.55 instead of 59.50
Dev.dev7.14 instead of 16.66
Diamonds.diamonds49.98 instead of 58.31
Diet.diet136.85 instead of 148.75
Digital.digital3.99 instead of 39.27
Direct.direct14.88 instead of 35.70
Directory.directory3.99 instead of 27.37
Discount.discount29.75 instead of 34.51
Doctor.doctor14.88 instead of 109.48
Dog.dog8.33 instead of 58.31
Domains.domains32.13 instead of 40.46
Download.download5.95 instead of 29.75
Earth.earth7.14 instead of 20.23
Eco.eco71.40 instead of 77.35
Education.education24.99 instead of 35.70
E-Mail.email5.95 instead of 29.75
Energy.energy14.88 instead of 102.34
Engineer.engineer29.75 instead of 35.70
Engineering.engineering14.88 instead of 59.50
Enterprises.enterprises8.33 instead of 35.70
Equipment.equipment23.80 instead of 30.94
Esq.esq27.37 instead of 29.75
Estate.estate8.33 instead of 39.27
Europäische Union.eu3.57 instead of 7.14
Events.events14.88 instead of 39.27
Exchange.exchange11.90 instead of 39.27
Expert.expert9.98 instead of 59.50
Exposed.exposed17.85 instead of 23.80
Express.express8.33 instead of 35.70
Fail.fail29.75 instead of 38.08
Faith.faith14.28 instead of 29.75
Family.family29.75 instead of 38.08
Fan.fan11.90 instead of 48.79
Fans.fans11.90 instead of 14.28
Farm.farm11.90 instead of 35.70
Fashion.fashion29.75 instead of 33.32
Film.film89.25 instead of 95.20
Finance.finance14.88 instead of 58.31
Financial.financial14.88 instead of 58.31
Fish.fish32.13 instead of 40.46
Fishing.fishing29.75 instead of 33.32
Fit.fit29.75 instead of 33.32
Fitness.fitness8.33 instead of 35.70
Flights.flights29.75 instead of 53.55
Florist.florist29.75 instead of 34.51
Flowers.flowers136.85 instead of 148.75
Mikronesien.fm116.62 instead of 124.95
Faroe Islands.fo59.50 instead of 71.40
Foo.foo14.28 instead of 16.66
Football.football19.04 instead of 26.18
Forsale.forsale14.88 instead of 34.51
Forum.forum23.80 instead of 44.03
Foundation.foundation14.88 instead of 35.70
Frankreich.fr11.90 instead of 17.85
Fun.fun1.79 instead of 35.70
Fund.fund14.88 instead of 59.50
Furniture.furniture49.98 instead of 113.05
Futbol.futbol11.90 instead of 15.47
Fyi.fyi21.42 instead of 26.18
Gallery.gallery20.23 instead of 27.37
Game.game416.50 instead of 476.00
Games.games14.88 instead of 30.94
Garden.garden29.75 instead of 33.32
Gay.gay27.97 instead of 29.75
Gd - Grenada.gd35.70 instead of 41.65
Gift.gift17.85 instead of 21.42
Gifts.gifts29.75 instead of 34.51
Giving.giving14.88 instead of 32.13
Gl - Greenland.gl39.27 instead of 44.03
Glass.glass49.98 instead of 58.31
Global.global29.75 instead of 79.73
GmbH.gmbh27.37 instead of 38.08
Gold.gold8.33 instead of 102.34
Golf.golf5.95 instead of 59.50
Graphics.graphics20.23 instead of 27.37
Gratis.gratis17.85 instead of 23.80
Gripe.gripe27.37 instead of 34.51
Group.group17.85 instead of 22.61
Guide.guide29.75 instead of 35.70
Guitars.guitars136.85 instead of 148.75
Guru.guru3.57 instead of 39.27
Hamburg.hamburg49.98 instead of 54.98
Haus.haus14.88 instead of 34.51
Healthcare.healthcare49.98 instead of 65.45
Help.help5.94 instead of 33.32
HipHop.HipHop26.18 instead of 29.75
Hiv.hiv238.00 instead of 277.27
Hockey.hockey47.60 instead of 53.55
Holdings.holdings49.98 instead of 59.50
Holiday.holiday49.98 instead of 58.31
Homes.homes2.38 instead of 17.85
Horse.horse29.75 instead of 33.32
Hospital.hospital49.98 instead of 58.31
Host.host89.25 instead of 95.20
Hosting.hosting416.50 instead of 476.00
House.house11.90 instead of 39.27
How.how27.37 instead of 29.75
Icu.icu2.38 instead of 11.90
Immo.immo29.75 instead of 34.51
Immobilien.immobilien29.75 instead of 34.51
Indien.in17.85 instead of 20.23
Inc.inc2,735.81 instead of 2,973.81
Industries.industries29.75 instead of 39.27
Internationale Domain (information).info3.99 instead of 26.18
Ink.ink22.61 instead of 24.99
Institute.institute8.33 instead of 27.37
Insure.insure47.60 instead of 54.74
International.international9.52 instead of 29.75
Investments.investments14.88 instead of 108.29
Irish.irish8.33 instead of 22.61
Italien.it11.90 instead of 13.09
Jetzt.jetzt19.04 instead of 23.80
Jewelry.jewelry49.98 instead of 59.50
Jobs.jobs142.80 instead of 154.70
Kaufen.kaufen29.75 instead of 34.51
Kids.kids24.99 instead of 29.75
Kim.kim8.33 instead of 23.80
Kitchen.kitchen14.88 instead of 58.31
Köln.koeln27.37 instead of 29.75
Land.land14.88 instead of 35.70
Lease.lease47.60 instead of 54.74
Legal.legal53.55 instead of 63.07
Lgbt.lgbt14.88 instead of 61.88
Liechtenstein.li14.28 instead of 20.23
Life.life3.57 instead of 34.51
Lighting.lighting21.42 instead of 27.37
Limited.limited29.75 instead of 34.51
Limo.limo49.98 instead of 57.12
Link.link9.52 instead of 11.90
Live.live3.99 instead of 32.13
LLC.llc21.90 instead of 24.99
Loan.loan5.95 instead of 29.75
Loans.loans14.88 instead of 102.34
Lol.lol2.38 instead of 32.13
London.london35.70 instead of 41.65
Love.love11.90 instead of 29.75
Luxe.luxe16.90 instead of 20.23
Ltd.ltd11.90 instead of 29.75
Lv (Latvia).lv15.99 instead of 19.99
Maison.maison47.60 instead of 53.55
Makeup.makeup14.28 instead of 17.85
Management.management21.42 instead of 26.18
Marketing.marketing9.98 instead of 39.27
Mba.mba14.88 instead of 38.08
Montenegro.me17.85 instead of 21.42
Media.media8.33 instead of 40.46
Melbourne.melbourne65.45 instead of 73.78
Memorial.memorial44.03 instead of 53.55
men.men5.95 instead of 29.75
Miami.miami13.69 instead of 16.90
Mobi.mobi5.95 instead of 32.73
Music.musicavailable 2024/06/25
47.60 instead of 53.55
Moda.moda29.75 instead of 34.51
Moe.moe14.28 instead of 24.99
Moi.moifrom 2023
Mom.mom2.38 instead of 41.65
Money.money11.90 instead of 35.70
Monster.monster2.38 instead of 17.85
Motorcycles.motorcycles2.38 instead of 17.85
Mov.mov14.28 instead of 16.66
Movie.movie35.70 instead of 279.65
Name.name7.74 instead of 10.71
Internationale Domain (network).net15.47 instead of 17.85
Columbia.net.co8.93 instead of 14.28
Network.network4.76 instead of 33.32
News.news9.52 instead of 32.13
Nexus.nexus14.28 instead of 16.66
NGO.ngo17.85 instead of 21.42
Ninja.ninja14.88 instead of 32.13
Columbia.nom.co8.93 instead of 14.28
Nordrhein-Westfalen.nrw33.32 instead of 35.70
NYC.nyc24.99 instead of 29.75
Observer.observer11.90 instead of 16.66
One.one17.85 instead of 21.42
ONG.ong17.85 instead of 21.42
Onl.onl8.33 instead of 16.66
Online.online1.79 instead of 29.75
Ooo.ooo27.37 instead of 32.13
Internationale Domain (organisation).org13.09 instead of 16.66
Osaka.osaka28.71 instead of 32.13
Page.page11.90 instead of 14.28
Partners.partners17.85 instead of 65.45
Parts.parts14.88 instead of 35.70
Party.party5.95 instead of 29.75
Pet.pet11.90 instead of 24.99
Phd.phd27.37 instead of 29.75
Photo.photo26.18 instead of 29.75
Photography.photography11.90 instead of 34.51
Photos.photos9.98 instead of 26.18
Pics.pics2.38 instead of 32.13
Pictures.pictures11.90 instead of 16.66
Pink.pink11.90 instead of 23.80
Pizza.pizza14.88 instead of 59.50
Polen.pl15.47 instead of 17.85
Plumbing.plumbing47.60 instead of 53.55
Plus.plus10.71 instead of 35.70
Porn.porn94.99 instead of 99.96
Press.press69.02 instead of 71.40
Pro.pro3.99 instead of 26.18
Productions.productions10.71 instead of 35.70
Prof.prof27.37 instead of 29.75
Promo.promo14.88 instead of 24.99
Properties.properties8.33 instead of 35.70
Property.property68.43 instead of 139.23
Protection.protection2,735.81 instead of 2,973.81
Pub.pub29.75 instead of 35.70
Qpon.qpon27.37 instead of 32.13
Racing.racing14.28 instead of 29.75
radio.am.radio.am16.66 instead of 19.04
radio.fm.radio.fm16.66 instead of 19.04
Realestate.realestate101.15 instead of 113.05
Realty.realty351.05 instead of 367.71
Recipes.recipes8.33 instead of 59.50
Red.red11.90 instead of 23.80
Reise.reise83.30 instead of 96.39
Reisen.reisen17.85 instead of 23.80
Rent.rent21.42 instead of 61.88
Rentals.rentals8.33 instead of 35.70
Repair.repair8.33 instead of 35.70
Report.report8.33 instead of 24.99
Republican.republican29.75 instead of 38.08
Rest.rest1.49 instead of 41.65
Restaurant.restaurant14.88 instead of 58.31
Review.review14.28 instead of 29.75
Reviews.reviews24.99 instead of 65.45
Rich.rich127.93 instead of 2,380.00
Rip.rip19.04 instead of 24.99
Rocks.rocks8.33 instead of 21.42
Rodeo.rodeo11.90 instead of 13.09
Rsvp.rsvp13.09 instead of 15.47
Russland.ru11.90 instead of 17.85
Rugby.rugby45.22 instead of 47.60
Ruhr.ruhr23.99 instead of 27.37
Run.run3.99 instead of 26.18
Saarland.saarland26.18 instead of 29.75
Sale.sale8.33 instead of 35.70
Salon.salon49.98 instead of 58.31
Sarl.sarl27.37 instead of 34.51
Sbs.sbs1.49 instead of 14.88
School.school29.75 instead of 35.70
Schule.schule19.04 instead of 24.99
Science.science14.28 instead of 29.75
Security.security2,735.81 instead of 2,973.81
Select.select29.75 instead of 33.32
Services.services5.95 instead of 35.70
Shiksha.shiksha14.88 instead of 22.61
Sexy.sexy3,213.00 instead of 3,332.00
Shoes.shoes29.75 instead of 58.31
Shop.shop1.98 instead of 35.70
Shopping.shopping29.75 instead of 34.51
Show.show9.52 instead of 39.27
Singles.singles8.33 instead of 35.70
Site.site1.79 instead of 35.70
Ski.ski29.75 instead of 58.31
Soccer.soccer19.04 instead of 24.99
Social.social9.52 instead of 35.70
Solar.solar49.98 instead of 58.31
Solutions.solutions9.98 instead of 29.75
Soy.soy24.99 instead of 29.75
Spa.spa23.80 instead of 27.37
Space.space1.79 instead of 29.75
Sport.sport399.99 instead of 419.99
Store.store3.57 instead of 49.98
Stream.stream5.95 instead of 29.75
Studio.studio14.88 instead of 35.70
Study.study29.75 instead of 35.70
Style.style17.85 instead of 35.70
Sucks.sucks239.99 instead of 249.90
Supplies.supplies17.85 instead of 24.99
Supply.supply20.23 instead of 24.99
Support.support5.95 instead of 27.37
Surf.surf29.75 instead of 33.32
Surgery.surgery44.03 instead of 53.55
Sydney.sydney65.45 instead of 73.78
Systems.systems11.90 instead of 32.13
Tattoo.tattoo39.27 instead of 48.79
Tax.tax11.90 instead of 65.45
Taxi.taxi11.90 instead of 59.50
Team.team4.76 instead of 34.51
Tech.tech5.95 instead of 49.98
Technology.technology9.52 instead of 29.75
Tel.tel11.90 instead of 17.85
Tennis.tennis44.03 instead of 60.69
Theater.theater47.60 instead of 58.31
Tienda.tienda47.60 instead of 58.31
Tips.tips11.90 instead of 32.13
Tires.tires83.30 instead of 95.20
Tirol.tirol36.89 instead of 39.87
Today.today3.57 instead of 27.37
Tools.tools9.52 instead of 34.51
Top.top4.76 instead of 5.95
Tours.tours8.33 instead of 58.31
Town.town8.33 instead of 34.51
Toys.toys14.88 instead of 58.31
Trade.trade5.95 instead of 29.75
Training.training10.71 instead of 35.70
Travel.travel29.75 instead of 128.52
Tube.tube24.99 instead of 29.75
Tuvalu.tv27.37 instead of 29.75
University.university49.98 instead of 57.12
Uno.uno21.42 instead of 23.80
Vacations.vacations29.75 instead of 35.70
Vegas.vegas23.80 instead of 49.98
Ventures.ventures14.88 instead of 58.31
Versicherung.versicherung119.00 instead of 129.71
Vg - British Virgin Islands.vg35.70 instead of 41.65
Viajes.viajes44.03 instead of 53.55
Video.video29.75 instead of 40.46
Villas.villas47.60 instead of 53.55
Vin.vin8.33 instead of 58.31
Vip.vip19.04 instead of 22.61
Vision.vision29.75 instead of 35.70
Vodka.vodka29.75 instead of 33.32
Vote.vote29.75 instead of 82.11
Voting.voting819.99 instead of 869.89
Voto.voto29.75 instead of 77.35
Voyage.voyage47.60 instead of 53.55
Watch.watch8.33 instead of 39.27
Watches.watches319.99 instead of 339.98
Webcam.webcam14.28 instead of 29.75
Website.website1.79 instead of 29.75
Wedding.wedding29.75 instead of 33.32
Wien.wien33.32 instead of 39.27
Wiki.wiki22.61 instead of 24.99
Win.win5.95 instead of 29.75
Wine.wine8.33 instead of 58.31
Work.work11.90 instead of 13.09
Works.works5.95 instead of 35.70
World.world3.57 instead of 35.70
Ws.ws27.37 instead of 29.75
WTF.wtf5.95 instead of 34.51
XYZ.xyz2.38 instead of 17.85
Yachts.yachts2.38 instead of 17.85
Yoga.yoga29.75 instead of 33.32
Beauty.beauty2.38 instead of 17.85
Hair.hair2.38 instead of 17.85
Skin.skin2.38 instead of 17.85
Quest.quest1.98 instead of 17.85
Zip.zip14.28 instead of 16.66
Zone.zone8.33 instead of 35.70
Diy.diy35.70 instead of 41.65
Food.food35.70 instead of 41.65
Living.living35.70 instead of 41.65
Lifestyle.lifestyle35.70 instead of 41.65
Vana.vana2,737.00 instead of 2,737.00

All prices incl. 19% VAT.

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Domain administration information

Renewal of domain names

As long as you do not cancel your domain name, it will be automatically renewed for another year before the date of expiration. You will receive an e-mail notification about the renewal 90, 60 and 30 days before the date of renewal of your domains and services. The e-mail address for notifications can be defined in your Customer Center.

Based on that notifications you have enough time to charge your customer account if you don’t have enough credit or cancel your unneeded domains. If you don’t have enough credit on your customer account it is not possible to execute an automatic renewal of your domain. Information about the renewal process and the consequences of a lack of credit can be found on the information page of each top level domain.

Can already canceled, undeleted or deleted domains be restored?

Yes, that is usually possible. Detailed information on this topic can be found on the tab "Costs for the recovery of deleted domains" on this page.

Cost for recovery of deleted domains

  • Restore: .at, .co.at and .or.at
    Cancelled or blocked, but not deleted, .co.at and .or.at-domains may be restored free of charge.
  • Restore: .de
    Cancelled and blocked .de-Domains can also be restored. For the recovery the owner of the domain has to send us a notice of revocation. The recreation of .de-domains is possible until 30 days after the cancellation. In addition to the domain fee you have to bear the recreation costs of €59.50
  • Undelete: gTLDs and ccTLDs
    Canceled generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) and specific Country-Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) will be blocked after the paid service period has expired. A renewal of expired and disabled gTLD domain-names is possible for 30 days. The cancellation has to be revoked in written to start the renewal of expired gTLD names. In addition to the domain renewal fee, a one-time service-fee for the processing of an undelete request in height of € 23.80 is charged.
    This affects the following gTLDs:
    .academy, .accountant, .accountants, .actor, .adult, .agency, .apartments, .app, .art, .asia, .associates, .auction, .audio, .auto, .autos, .baby, .band, .bar, .bargains, .basketball, .bayern, .beauty, .beer, .berlin, .best, .bible, .bid, .bike, .bingo, .biz, .black, .blackfriday, .blog, .blue, .boats, .bond, .boo, .boston, .boutique, .build, .builders, .business, .buzz, .cab, .cafe, .cam, .camera, .camp, .capital, .car, .cards, .care, .career, .careers, .cars, .casa, .case, .cash, .casino, .catering, .center, .ceo, .cfd, .channel, .charity, .chat, .cheap, .christmas, .church, .city, .claims, .cleaning, .click, .clinic, .clothing, .cloud, .club, .coach, .codes, .coffee, .college, .cologne, .com, .community, .company, .compare, .computer, .condos, .construction, .consulting, .contact, .contractors, .cooking, .cool, .country, .coupons, .courses, .credit, .creditcard, .cricket, .cruises, .cyou, .dad, .dance, .date, .dating, .day, .dealer, .deals, .delivery, .democrat, .dental, .desi, .design, .dev, .diamonds, .diet, .digital, .direct, .directory, .discount, .doctor, .dog, .domains, .download, .earth, .eco, .education, .email, .energy, .engineer, .engineering, .enterprises, .equipment, .esq, .estate, .events, .exchange, .expert, .exposed, .express, .fail, .faith, .family, .fan, .fans, .farm, .fashion, .film, .finance, .financial, .fish, .fishing, .fit, .fitness, .flights, .florist, .flowers, .foo, .football, .forsale, .forum, .foundation, .fun, .fund, .furniture, .futbol, .fyi, .gallery, .game, .games, .garden, .gay, .gift, .gifts, .giving, .glass, .global, .gmbh, .gold, .golf, .graphics, .gratis, .gripe, .group, .guide, .guitars, .guru, .hair, .hamburg, .haus, .healthcare, .help, .hiphop, .hiv, .hockey, .holdings, .holiday, .homes, .horse, .hospital, .host, .hosting, .house, .how, .icu, .immo, .immobilien, .inc, .industries, .info, .ink, .institute, .insure, .international, .investments, .irish, .jetzt, .jewelry, .jobs, .juegos, .kaufen, .kids, .kim, .kitchen, .koeln, .land, .lease, .legal, .lgbt, .life, .lighting, .limited, .limo, .link, .live, .loan, .loans, .lol, .london, .love, .ltd, .luxe, .luxury, .maison, .makeup, .management, .marketing, .mba, .media, .melbourne, .memorial, .men, .miami, .mobi, .moda, .moe, .mom, .money, .monster, .motorcycles, .mov, .movie, .name, .net, .network, .news, .nexus, .ngo, .ninja, .nrw, .nyc, .observer, .one, .ong, .onl, .online, .ooo, .org, .osaka, .page, .partners, .parts, .party, .pet, .phd, .photo, .photography, .photos, .pics, .pictures, .pink, .pizza, .place, .plumbing, .plus, .porn, .press, .pro, .productions, .prof, .promo, .properties, .property, .protection, .pub, .qpon, .quest, .racing, .realestate, .realty, .recipes, .red, .reise, .reisen, .rent, .rentals, .repair, .report, .republican, .rest, .restaurant, .review, .reviews, .rich, .rip, .rocks, .rodeo, .rsvp, .rugby, .ruhr, .run, .saarland, .sale, .salon, .sarl, .sbs, .school, .schule, .science, .security, .select, .services, .sex, .sexy, .shiksha, .shoes, .shop, .shopping, .show, .singles, .site, .ski, .skin, .soccer, .social, .solar, .solutions, .soy, .spa, .space, .sport, .store, .stream, .studio, .study, .style, .sucks, .supplies, .supply, .support, .surf, .surgery, .sydney, .systems, .tattoo, .tax, .taxi, .team, .tech, .technology, .tel, .tennis, .theater, .tienda, .tips, .tires, .tirol, .today, .tools, .top, .tours, .town, .toys, .trade, .training, .travel, .trust, .tube, .university, .uno, .vacations, .vegas, .ventures, .versicherung, .viajes, .video, .villas, .vin, .vip, .vision, .vodka, .vote, .voting, .voto, .voyage, .watch, .watches, .webcam, .website, .wedding, .wien, .wiki, .win, .wine, .work, .works, .world, .wtf, .xyz, .yachts, .yoga, .zip and .zone
    And the following ccTLDs: .co, .net.co, .nom.co, .fo, .gd, .gl, .vg and .ws
  • Restore: gTLDs and ccTLDs
    After this 30 days period has expired, gTLD names are deleted at the Registry. To recover already deleted gTLD names, the cancellation has to be revoked in written. In addition to the domain renewal fee, a one-time service-fee for the domain restore-operation is charged. For:
      € 474.81
    • .DEALER and .INC
      € 2,380.00
    • .VOTING
      € 981,75
    • .RICH
      € 712.81
      € 238.00
      And the following ccTLDs: .AC, .CC, .CO, .NET.CO, .NOM.CO, .FO, .GD, .GL, .IO, .SH, .VG and .WS
      € 119.00

Domain registration information

Can I buy a domain?

A domain can not actually be bought. It depends on the exact definition. If "buy a domain" means that this domain is completely in your possession, this is not possible. You can only register a domain for a certain period of time, i.e. rent it for a certain period of time.
But you can buy the domain registration. If a domain is registered for you, you can certainly hand over the domain to an interested party for a certain price. For example, after you have agreed a price with a prospective buyer and have concluded a purchase contract, the domain can be passed on by a change of ownership.

How does the domain check work? How can I buy a domain name?

With the domain check you can check if a domain name is still available. Just enter the desired domain name in the input field and then select the desired TLD by ticking the box. By clicking "Domain check", the query with the desired domain name is done immediately.

Various filters in the header area of the results page facilitate the overview of the queried areas. It can be filtered by various criteria such as Popular, New, Europe and much more.

The following domain status are possible:

  • Available: The desired domain is available and you can register it immediately by clicking on "Next". The registration is done in a few minutes. If it is an action domain name, you will also see a hint ".TLD Action" next to "available". Promotion prices are usually valid for the first registration year and only for new domain registrations. You do not have to renew the domain for another year to receive the promotion price. Ideal if you enter the domain trading market and want to put together a cheap domain portfolio
  • Initiate transfer: This status means the domain name is already registered. If you are the domain owner, you can apply for a domain transfer to alldomains.hosting in your customer zone by clicking on "Transfer initiation".
  • Premium: Initiate transfer: In principle the same status as "initiate transfer", the only difference is that the already registered domain name is a premium domain. Prices for premium domains may differ from the standard price. This status may include additional information such as "Initiate Premium BB: Transfer" or "Initiate Premium CAT1: Transfer". These are only different indications of the status of the individual registries, but always mean that the domain to be transferred is a premium domain which deviates from the standard price for the registration.
  • Whois: By clicking on "whois" you can display the domain owner data. Please note that since the implementation of the DSGVO the displayed data in a Whois query is very limited.
  • Available Premium: If you see this message, it is a premium domain. Premium domains are mostly coveted terms and are offered by the registry at higher prices. The status "available premium" may contain additional information and indicates the different price categories of the registries. Examples include: AAA, AA, A, BB +, BBB +, CAT1.
  • "reserved" or "Reserved Domain Name": This domain status means the domain is reserved by the registry and can not be registered.
  • Timed out: It may happen that the domain availability query takes too long. This is the case if, for example, you query a large number of domain endings at once. With the button "Check Again" you can repeat the individual domain checks.

With the Period / Total Amount column you can specify the desired registration period. Values of one year to ten years are possible here. This varies for the different domain names

If you have any questions about the status of a domain, our support team is always happy to help.

Which domain name and which TLD should I choose?

When choosing the right domain name with the right TLD you literally have "the spoils for choice" thanks to the large selection of available domain TLDs. It is important that you choose a short, concise domain name that is unique for your purposes. At best, the domain should contain the keyword or keyword that is most important for you or your industry, so that you can find it on the various search engines.

If you want to open an online shop for shoes, the best choice would be www.shoes.shop. The most important keyword in the domain name is still a not to be underestimated factor for a good placement in the various search engines. However, if you want to create a company website, then of course the company name, the country code in which the company is active (such as .de for Germany) or the corporate form such as .gmbh is recommended. The domain name in this example would be www.yourcompany.gmbh.

If you need help choosing the right domain, our Support team is always there for you.

How long does it take to register my domain?

The domain registration is completed within a few minutes, provided that your account has the necessary credit for the registration. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for the domain to be globally accessible. This delay results from the global updating of the DNS entries. We have no influence on that.

Can I use mutated vowels and special characters for domain names?

For many domain names, mutated vowels and certain special characters in the domain name are possible. Such domains are called internationalized domain names (short: IDN). A domain with mutated vowels should not necessarily be your first choice. Although this is often better to read and more intuitive to type, but it always comes back to problems if you want to set links on international platforms or if you want to send emails with an older e-mail client.

The so-called punycode (RFC 3492) often helps. This punycode was especially developed to display Unicode strings in ASCII characters. For example, from kräuterhandel.de (IDN) -> xn--kruterhandel-hcb.de (ACE). There are countless IDN converters on the World Wide Web that will take away the conversion, however it is relatively inconvenient to give your customers the domain name in ACE spelling in order to avoid various problems. An mutated vowel domain should best be registered as a second domain to the main domain without mutated vowel or if the desired domain name is already assigned without mutated vowel.

How many characters may a domain have?

Most domains can be from 1 to 63 characters in length. Information on the possible number of characters of the individual domains can be found on our accreditation page.

How long is the promotion price valid for the domain offers?

The promotion domains can be registered for the first registration year at a discounted price. For the following years the respective standard price applies. The standard price will be displayed next to the status "available" at the domain check, on the respective domain detail page and in the order process.

Do I have to renew an action domain for another year to receive the offer price?

No, you do not have to extend the domain to receive the promotional price. You will receive a message from us 90, 60 and 30 days before the upcoming extension. As long as you do not cancel your domain name, it will automatically be extended for another year shortly before expiring. For an automatic renewal, your customer account has to have the necessary credit. For more information about auto-renewing your domains, as well as information about termination, please refer to the "Renewal of domain names" and "terms of termination" tabs on this page.

Can I register every domain or is there something to be aware of with some domain names?

The majority of the domains can be registered without any restrictions. But there are also certain exceptions.

Some examples of such domain endings are:

  • .eu: Only natural or legal persons who live in an EU member state or are a member of an EU member state can register a .eu domain.
  • .gmbh: The registration of .gmbh Domains is reserved for limited liability companies from Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.
  • .berlin: Registering a .berlin domain requires configured name servers. When using our Domain Name Server this is standard. The Domain Owner, Admin or TechC of the domain has to have a valid address in Berlin. PO boxes are not allowed.

For some domain extensions, additional special provisions apply. For regulated TLDs and for specially regulated TLDs please refer to our terms and conditions (Appendix 1). Information on the registration guidelines can be found on the respective domain detail pages or on our accreditation page.

How can I transfer my domain to alldomains.hosting and is there anything to consider?

Usually the transfer is finished within a few minutes. You find all the informations at our domain transfer page.

General questions

Why can alldomains.hosting offer domains at such low prices?

Due to a high degree of automation of the domain registration, self-developed software solutions for the management of your services and as an ICANN accredited domain registrar with its own infrastructure, we can offer our customers particularly favorable prices and ongoing domain promotions.

Who is responsible for each domain name?

The general allocation and coordination of the domain endings is carried out by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Behind each domain ending is once again a registry, which manages the allocation of each domain ending. In the case of the .de domain this is for example DENIC. Alldomains.hosting is ICANN accredited domain registrar of numerous domain extensions. An overview of the accreditations can be found on our accreditation page.

How many different TLDs can be registered with alldomains.hosting?

Our range currently includes 411 domain endings. We are ICANN accredited Domainregistrar for many of our domain extensions. A detailed overview of the accreditations can be found on our accreditation page.

Terms of termination

You are able to cancel your products online in your Customer Center. Therefore go to "Purchases", select the product you want to cancel and click on "terminate". Please notice the last termination date, which can be found on the products detail page. Alternatively, you can terminate your services in written with our cancellation form. Please send the form which is signed by the domain owner via fax to +43 (0) 6215 20889 or scanned per e-mail to support@alldomains.hosting.

How can I upload my homepage and set up e-mail addresses after the domain registration?

In addition to registering the domain name, you need a hosting package, e-mail server package, WordPress hosting package or a website builder package to create a website, upload an existing website to the web space, install a CMS system or install an online shop software. In addition to your website you can create e-mail accounts based on your domain name.

Which hosting package you need depends entirely on your purpose and the resources you need. Our support team will be pleased to advise you on choosing the right storage package for your purposes. You can also use your domain productively without additional costs or with a paid hosting package. Here you find all our FREE products.