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TitleDomainannual fee in €Filter
Academy .academy 5.95* Aktion Neue
Accountant .accountant 3.57* Neue Aktion
Accountants .accountants 1.19* Aktion Neue
Actor .actor 8.33* Aktion Neue
Adult .adult 83.30 Neue
Agency .agency 1.19* Aktion Neue
Armenien .am 49.98 International
Apartments .apartments 5.95* Aktion Neue
Art .art 11.90 Neue
Asia .asia 27.37 International
Associates .associates 3.57* Aktion Neue
Auction .auction 5.95* Aktion Neue
Audio .audio 129.71 Neue
Österreich (Austria) .at
13.69 Europa
Baby .baby 59.50 Neue
Band .band 4.76* Aktion Neue
Bar .bar 59.50 Neue
Bargains .bargains 3.57* Aktion Neue
Bayern .bayern 27.37 Neue T_op20
Belgien .be 11.90 Europa
Beer .beer 22.61 Neue
Berlin .berlin 39.27 Neue T_op20
Bid .bid 1.19* Neue Aktion
Bike .bike 3.57* Aktion Neue
Bingo .bingo 5.95* Aktion Neue
Internationale Domain (business) .biz 13.09 International
Black .black 11.90* Neue Aktion
Blackfriday .blackfriday 129.71 Neue
Blog .blog 9.52* Neue
Blue .blue 3.57* Neue Aktion
Boutique .boutique 5.95* Aktion Neue
Builders .builders 5.95* Aktion Neue
Business .business 3.57* Aktion Neue
Buzz .buzz 32.13 Neue
Cab .cab 5.95* Aktion Neue
Cafe .cafe 5.95* Aktion Neue
Cam .cam 27.37 Neue
Camera .camera 3.57* Aktion Neue
Camp .camp 5.95* Aktion Neue
Capital .capital 5.95* Aktion Neue
Cards .cards 5.95* Aktion Neue
Care .care 5.95* Aktion Neue
Careers .careers 5.95* Aktion Neue
Casa .casa 22.61 Neue
Cash .cash 3.57* Aktion Neue
Casino .casino 20.23* Aktion Neue
Catering .catering 5.95* Aktion Neue
Cocos Insel .cc 20.23 International
Center .center 3.57* Aktion Neue T_op20
Schweiz .ch Europa
Chat .chat 5.95* Aktion Neue
Cheap .cheap 5.95* Aktion Neue
Christmas .christmas 59.50 Neue
Church .church 5.95* Aktion Neue
City .city 3.57* Aktion Neue
Claims .claims 5.95* Aktion Neue
Cleaning .cleaning 5.95* Aktion Neue
Click .click 9.52 Neue
Clinic .clinic 5.95* Aktion Neue
Clothing .clothing 5.95* Aktion Neue
Cloud .cloud 11.78* Neue Aktion
Club .club 16.90 Neue T_op20
Großbritannien 8.33 Europa
Coach .coach 5.95* Aktion Neue
Codes .codes 5.95* Aktion Neue
Coffee .coffee 3.57* Aktion Neue
College .college 55.93 Neue
Cologne .cologne 8.33 Neue
Internationale Domain (commercial) .com 10.71 International
Community .community 5.95* Aktion Neue
Company .company 3.57* Aktion Neue
Computer .computer 5.95* Aktion Neue
Condos .condos 5.95* Aktion Neue
Construction .construction 3.57* Aktion Neue
Consulting .consulting 9.52* Aktion Neue
Contractors .contractors 5.95* Aktion Neue
Cooking .cooking 22.61 Neue
Cool .cool 3.57* Aktion Neue
Country .country 22.61 Neue
Coupons .coupons 3.57* Aktion Neue
Credit .credit 3.57* Aktion Neue
Creditcard .creditcard 114.24 Neue
Cricket .cricket 3.57* Neue Aktion
Cruises .cruises 5.95* Aktion Neue
Dance .dance 4.76* Aktion Neue
Date .date 3.57* Neue Aktion
Dating .dating 5.95* Aktion Neue
Deals .deals 5.95* Aktion Neue
Delivery .delivery 5.95* Aktion Neue
Deutschland (Germany) .de 5.95 Europa
Democrat .democrat 5.95* Aktion Neue
Dental .dental 5.95* Aktion Neue
Design .design 41.65 Neue
Diamonds .diamonds 5.95* Aktion Neue
Diet .diet 129.71 Neue
Digital .digital 5.95* Aktion Neue
Direct .direct 5.95 Aktion Neue
Directory .directory 3.57* Aktion Neue
Discount .discount 5.95* Aktion Neue
Doctor .doctor 5.95* Aktion Neue
Dog .dog 5.95* Aktion Neue
Domains .domains 5.95* Aktion Neue
Download .download 3.57* Neue Aktion
Earth .earth 19.04 Neue
Eco .eco 59.50 Neue
Education .education 5.95* Aktion Neue
E-Mail .email 3.57* Aktion Neue T_op20
Energy .energy 5.95* Aktion Neue
Engineer .engineer 5.95* Aktion Neue
Engineering .engineering 5.95* Aktion Neue
Enterprises .enterprises 5.95* Aktion Neue
Equipment .equipment 3.57* Aktion Neue
Spanien .es 13.09 Europa
Estate .estate 5.95* Aktion Neue
Europäische Union .eu 3.57* Aktion Europa
Events .events 5.95* Aktion Neue
Exchange .exchange 5.95* Aktion Neue
Expert .expert 5.95* Aktion Neue
Exposed .exposed 3.57* Aktion Neue
Express .express 3.57* Aktion Neue
Fail .fail 3.57* Aktion Neue
Faith .faith 3.57* Neue Aktion
Family .family 8.33* Aktion Neue
Fan .fan ab 2017 Neue bald
Fans .fans 59.50 Neue
Farm .farm 5.95* Aktion Neue
Fashion .fashion 8.93* Aktion Neue
Finance .finance 5.95* Aktion Neue
Financial .financial 5.95* Aktion Neue
Fish .fish 5.95* Aktion Neue
Fishing .fishing 8.93* Aktion Neue
Fit .fit 22.61 Neue
Fitness .fitness 5.95* Aktion Neue
Flights .flights 5.95* Aktion Neue
Florist .florist 5.95* Aktion Neue
Flowers .flowers 129.71 Neue
Mikronesien .fm 95.20 International
Football .football 3.57* Aktion Neue
Forsale .forsale 5.95* Aktion Neue
Foundation .foundation 5.95* Aktion Neue
Frankreich .fr 13.09 Europa
Fun .fun 20.23 Neue
Fund .fund 3.57* Aktion Neue
Furniture .furniture 5.95* Aktion Neue
Futbol .futbol 2.38* Aktion Neue
Fyi .fyi 3.57* Aktion Neue
Gallery .gallery 5.95* Aktion Neue
Game .game 357.00 Neue
Games .games 8.33* Aktion Neue
Garden .garden 8.93* Aktion Neue
Gift .gift 16.90 Neue>
Gifts .gifts 5.95* Aktion Neue
Glass .glass 5.95* Aktion Neue
Global .global 59.50 Neue
GmbH .gmbh 5.95* Aktion Neue T_op20
Gold .gold 3.57* Aktion Neue
Golf .golf 5.95* Aktion Neue
Graphics .graphics 3.57* Aktion Neue
Gratis .gratis 5.95* Aktion Neue
Gripe .gripe 3.57* Aktion Neue
Group .group 3.57* Aktion Neue
Guide .guide 5.95* Aktion Neue
Guitars .guitars 129.71 Neue
Guru .guru 5.95* Aktion Neue
Hamburg .hamburg 39.27 Neue T_op20
Haus .haus 5.95* Aktion Neue
Healthcare .healthcare 39.27 Neue
Help .help 24.99 Neue
Hiphop .hiphop 129.71 Neue
Hiv .hiv 224.91 Neue
Hockey .hockey 5.95* Aktion Neue
Holdings .holdings 5.95* Aktion Neue
Holiday .holiday 5.95* Aktion Neue
Horse .horse 8.93* Aktion Neue
Hospital .hospital 39.27 Neue
Host .host 79.73 Neue
Hosting .hosting 357.00 Neue
House .house 5.95* Aktion Neue
How .how 24.99 Neue
Immo .immo 5.95* Aktion Neue
Immobilien .immobilien 5.95* Aktion Neue T_op20
Indien .in 10.71 International
Industries .industries 5.95* Aktion Neue
Internationale Domain (information) .info 3.57* Aktion International
Ink .ink 24.99 Neue
Institute .institute 3.57* Aktion Neue
Insure .insure 5.95* Aktion Neue
International .international 3.57* Aktion Neue
Investments .investments 5.95* Aktion Neue
Irish .irish 3.57 Aktion Neue
Italien .it 11.90 Europa
Jetzt .jetzt 1.19* Aktion Neue
Jewelry .jewelry 5.95* Aktion Neue
Juegos .juegos 357.00 Neue
Kaufen .kaufen 5.95* Aktion Neue T_op20
Kim .kim 3.57* Neue Aktion
Kitchen .kitchen 5.95* Aktion Neue
Köln .koeln 8.33 Neue T_op20
Land .land 5.95* Aktion Neue
Lease .lease 5.95* Aktion Neue
Legal .legal 5.95* Aktion Neue
Lgbt .lgbt 11.90* Neue Aktion
Liechtenstein .li 20.23 Europa
Life .life 1.19* Aktion Neue
Lighting .lighting 3.57* Aktion Neue
Limited .limited 5.95* Aktion Neue
Limo .limo 5.95* Aktion Neue
Link .link 9.52 Neue
Live .live 8.33* Aktion Neue
Loan .loan 3.57* Neue Aktion
Loans .loans 5.95* Aktion Neue
Lol .lol 24.99 Neue
London .london 39.27 Neue
Love .love 24.99 Neue
Luxe .luxe 22.61
ab 2017
Neue bald
Ltd .ltd 3.57* Aktion Neue
Maison .maison 5.95* Aktion Neue
Management .management 3.57* Aktion Neue
Marketing .marketing 5.95* Aktion Neue
Mba .mba 3.57* Aktion Neue
me Montenegro .me 14.28 Neue
Media .media 5.95* Aktion Neue
Memorial .memorial 5.95* Aktion Neue
men .men 1.19* Neue Aktion
Miami .miami 22.61 Neue
Moda .moda 5.95* Aktion Neue
Moe .moe 24.99 Neue
Moi .moi 39.27
ab 2017
Neue bald
Mom .mom 32.13 Neue
Money .money 5.95* Aktion Neue
Movie .movie 29.75* Aktion Neue
Internationale Domain (network) .net 10.71 International
Network .network 3.57* Aktion Neue
News .news 8.33* Aktion Neue
Ninja .ninja 3.57* Aktion Neue
Nordrhein-Westfalen .nrw 33.32 Neue T_op20
Observer .observer 10.71 Neue
One .one 9.52 Neue T_op20
Onl .onl 14.28 Neue
Online .online 30.94 Neue T_op20
Internationale Domain (organisation) .org 13.09 International
Osaka .osaka 32.13 Neue
Partners .partners 5.95* Aktion Neue
Parts .parts 5.95* Aktion Neue
Party .party 3.57* Neue Aktion
Pet .pet 3.57* Neue Aktion
Photo .photo 24.99 Neue
Photography .photography 3.57* Aktion Neue
Photos .photos 5.95* Aktion Neue
Pics .pics 24.99 Neue
Pictures .pictures 3.57* Aktion Neue
Pink .pink 3.57* Neue Aktion
Pizza .pizza 5.95* Aktion Neue
Polen .pl 13.09 Europa
Place .place 3.57* Aktion Neue
Plumbing .plumbing 5.95* Aktion Neue
Plus .plus 5.95* Aktion Neue
Porn .porn 83.30 Neue
Press .press 59.50 Neue
Pro .pro 3.57* Neue Aktion
Productions .productions 5.95* Aktion Neue
Promo .promo 3.57* Neue Aktion
Properties .properties 3.57* Aktion Neue
Property .property 129.71 Neue
Pub .pub 5.95* Aktion Neue
Racing .racing 3.57* Neue Aktion 16.90 International 16.90 International
Realty .realty 10.71 Neue
Recipes .recipes 5.95* Aktion Neue
Red .red 3.57* Neue Aktion
Reise .reise 1.19* Aktion Neue
Reisen .reisen 1.19* Aktion Neue
Rent .rent 55.93 Neue
Rentals .rentals 5.95* Aktion Neue
Repair .repair 5.95* Aktion Neue
Report .report 3.57* Aktion Neue
Republican .republican 5.95* Aktion Neue
Rest .rest 30.94 Neue
Restaurant .restaurant 5.95* Aktion Neue
Review .review 3.57* Neue Aktion
Reviews .reviews 8.33* Aktion Neue
Rich .rich 2,114.63 Neue
Rip .rip 3.57* Aktion Neue
Rocks .rocks 2.38* Aktion Neue T_op20
Rodeo .rodeo 22.61 Neue
Russland .ru 11.90 Europa
Ruhr .ruhr 27.37 Neue T_op20
Run .run 3.57* Aktion Neue
Saarland .saarland 21.42 Neue
Sale .sale 5.95* Aktion Neue
Salon .salon 5.95* Aktion Neue
Sarl .sarl 5.95* Aktion Neue
School .school 5.95* Aktion Neue
Schule .schule 1.19* Aktion Neue
Science .science 3.57* Neue Aktion
Services .services 1.19* Aktion Neue
Sexy .sexy 49.98 Neue
Shoes .shoes 5.95* Aktion Neue
Shop .shop 1.99* Neue Aktion T_op20
Shopping .shopping 5.95* Aktion Neue
Show .show 5.95* Aktion Neue
Singles .singles 5.95* Aktion Neue
Site .site 24.99 Neue
Ski .ski 11.90* Aktion Neue
Soccer .soccer 3.57* Aktion Neue
Social .social 9.52* Aktion Neue
Solar .solar 5.95* Aktion Neue
Solutions .solutions 3.57* Aktion Neue
Soy .soy 24.99 Neue
Space .space 8.33 Neue
Storage .storage 2017 Neue bald
Store .store 49.98 Neue
Stream .stream 3.57* Neue Aktion
Studio .studio 8.33* Aktion Neue
Style .style 5.95* Aktion Neue
Sucks .sucks 249.90 Neue
Supplies .supplies 3.57* Aktion Neue
Supply .supply 3.57* Aktion Neue
Support .support 5.95* Aktion Neue
Surf .surf 22.61 Aktion Neue
Surgery .surgery 5.95* Aktion Neue
Systems .systems 3.57* Aktion Neue
Tattoo .tattoo 39.27 Neue
Tax .tax 5.95* Aktion Neue
Taxi .taxi 5.95* Aktion Neue
Team .team 3.57* Aktion Neue
Tech .tech 44.03 Neue
Technology .technology 1.19* Aktion Neue
Tennis .tennis 5.95* Aktion Neue
Theater .theater 5.95* Aktion Neue
Tienda .tienda 5.95* Aktion Neue
Tips .tips 5.95* Aktion Neue T_op20
Tires .tires 5.95* Aktion Neue
Tirol .tirol 24.99 Neue
Today .today 1.19* Aktion Neue
Tools .tools 3.57* Aktion Neue
Top .top 3.57* Neue Aktion T_op20
Tours .tours 5.95* Aktion Neue
Town .town 5.95* Aktion Neue
Toys .toys 5.95* Aktion Neue
Trade .trade 3.57* Neue Aktion
Training .training 5.95* Aktion Neue
Tube .tube 24.99 Neue
Tuvalu .tv 35.70 International
University .university 5.95* Aktion Neue
Vacations .vacations 5.95* Aktion Neue
Ventures .ventures 5.95* Aktion Neue
Versicherung .versicherung 129.71 Neue
Viajes .viajes 3.57* Aktion Neue
Video .video 8.93* Aktion Neue
Villas .villas 5.95* Aktion Neue
Vin .vin 5.95* Aktion Neue
Vip .vip 16.90 Neue
Vodka .vodka 22.61 Neue
Vote .vote 59.50 Neue
Voting .voting 44.03 Neue
Voto .voto 59.50 Neue
Voyage .voyage 5.95* Aktion Neue
Watch .watch 5.95* Aktion Neue
Webcam .webcam 3.57* Neue Aktion
Website .website 20.23 Neue T_op20
Wedding .wedding 22.61 Neue
Wien .wien 24.99 Neue
Wiki .wiki 24.99 Neue
Win .win 1.19* Neue Aktion
Wine .wine 5.95* Aktion Neue
Work .work 1.19* Aktion Neue
Works .works 3.57* Aktion Neue
World .world 1.19* Aktion Neue
WTF .wtf 5.95* Aktion Neue
XYZ .xyz 2.38* Aktion Neue T_op20
Yoga .yoga 22.61 Neue
Zone .zone 3.57* Aktion Neue

All prices include 19% VAT.

*Special price valid in the first year

Cost for recovery of deleted domains

Cancelled or blocked, but not deleted, and may be restored free of charge.

Cancelled and blocked .de-Domains can also be restored. For the recovery the owner of the domain has to send us a notice of revocation. The recreation of .de-domains is possible until 30 days after the cancellation. In addition to the domain fee you have to bear the recreation costs of €59.90.

Cancelled and blocked .COLLEGE-domains, .FEEDBACK-domains, .OBSERVER-domains, .REALTY-domains, .RENT-domains, .VERSICHERUNG-domains, or .VOTING-domains can be restored too. In addition to the domain annual fee you have to bear the recreation costs of € 474.81. For the recovery a notice of revocation from the owner of the domain is necessary.

Cancelled and blocked .PROTECTION-domains, .SECURITY-domains can also be restored. In addition to the domain annual fee you have to bear the recreation costs of € 2,854.81. For the recovery a notice of revocation from the owner of the domain is necessary.

Cancelled and blocked .RICH-domains or .THEATRE-domains can be restored as well. In addition to the domain annual fee you have to bear the recreation costs of € 712.81. For the recovery a notice of revocation from the owner of the domain is necessary.

Cancelled and blocked .BIO-domains, .HAMBURG-domains, .HOW-domains, .RUHR-domains, .SAARLAND-domains, .SHOP-domains, .SKI-domains, .SOY-domains, .DESIGN-domains, or .TOP-domains can also be restored. In addition to the domain annual fee you have to bear the recreation costs of € 238.00. For the recovery a notice of revocation from the owner of the domain is necessary.

Any other cancelled ICANN-Domains (terms and conditions addition 1, domain names) will be blocked after the paid service period. A recovery of cancelled domains is possible 30 days after the deactivation. For the recovery the owner of the domain also has to send us a notice of revocation, and in addition to the domain fees you have to bear the recreation costs of € 23.80.

Cancelled and after a ban of 30 days deleted ICANN-domains which were not mentioned in the part above may be restored in a period of another 30 days (Redemption-Periode). In addition to the domain fees you have to bear the recreation costs of € 119.00.

Renewal of domain names

As long as you do not cancel your domain name, it will be automatically renewed for another year before the date of expiration. You will receive an e-mail notification about the renewal 90, 60 and 30 days before the date of renewal of your domains and services. The e-mail address for notifications can be defined in your Customer Center.

Based on that notifications you have enough time to charge your customer account if you don’t have enough credit or cancel your unneeded domains. If you don’t have enough credit on your customer account it is not possible to execute an automatic renewal of your domain. Information about the renewal process and the consequences of a lack of credit can be found on the information page of each top level domain.

Terms of termination

You are able to cancel your products online in your Customer Center. For that go to "Purchases", select the product you want to cancel and click on "terminate". Please notice the last termination date, which can be found on the products detail page. Alternatively, you can terminate your services in written with our cancellation form. Please send the form which is signed by the domain owner via fax to +43 (0) 6215 20889 or scanned per e-mail to

You need a
Hosting Package
for your new registered domain?

Hosting pachages for your domains

Hosting packages with webspace and e-mail accounts

  • 2
    €/month incl. 19% VAT.
    Tiny Host
    The cheap entry package Tiny Host with 6GB total storage, 5 e-mail accounts and free software is perfect for the start in the World Wide Web. This cheap hosting package already includes the Homepage Designer software LITE with which you can create a web page according to the modular concept.
  • 3 GB Webspace
  • 3 GB Mailspace
  • 5 E-mail accounts
  • 1 FTP user
  • Memory Limit 64MB
  • Homepage Designer LITE
  • Free software
  • € 4,76 now only

    €/month incl. 19% VAT.*
    Allround Host - now 50% cheaper!
    With our medium hosting package Allround Host you get our best seller which you can use for nearly any project. That package includes 50GB total storage, 50 e-mail accounts, 5 databases and a memory limit of up to 192MB which should be enough resources for every project. This package includes the Homepage Designer PRO software, which can be fully used for up to two domains. Free software like Typo3, Joomla!, Drupal, Prestashop and many more useful applications can be installed easy and fast with the " Software " module of the Control Panel. That package can be fully used (data, e-mail accounts, databases) for one additional domain.
  • 10 GB Webspace
  • 40 GB Mailspace
  • 50 E-mail accounts
  • 5 databases
  • 2 FTP user
  • Multi domain hosting
  • Memory Limit up to 192MB
  • Homepage Designer PRO
  • Free software

*Special price for the first year. From the second year, the standard price is € 4.76 (including 19% VAT)

  • 8
    €/month incl. 19% VAT.
    Pro Host
    The biggest package we offer provides with 100GB total storage, 500 e-mail accounts and 50 databases the perfect condition for a professional web presence. The software you can choose includes additional free software like the web shop software Magento. Even beginners can create an professional website or an onlineshop in just a few steps with the Homepage Designer PRO and for up to 6 domains, without additional costs. You can also use your hosting package as a cloud storage solution. The both cloud storage solutions Nextcloud and ownCloud are included free of charge.
  • 25 GB Webspace
  • 75 GB Mailspace
  • 500 E-mail accounts
  • 50 Databases
  • 6 FTP user
  • Multi domain hosting
  • Memory Limit up to 384MB
  • Homepage Designer PRO
  • Free software

At all hosting packages but also at all e-mail server and WordPress hosting packages we create daily backups of your data (files, e-mails, databases), these backups are saved for a minimum of 7 days. If you get an error because of some changes, updates or the installation of the wrong extensions you can request a paid restore of your data through us. At the hosting packages Allround Host and Pro Host and at the WordPress packages Allround Blog and Pro Blog you can use the Backup Module of the Control Panel. With that module you can create backups of your data, e-mail accounts and databases by your own. If you need, those backups can be restored without any extra costs.

To the hosting package overview

E-mail server hosting

E-mail hosting packages

  • 1
    €/month incl. 19% VAT.
    One Mailer
    With this e-mail server package you get 10 full e-mail accounts (POP3, IMAP4 with TLS- or SSL encryption) with 5GB storage. In addition to a setup in your preferred e-mail client, like outlook, you get the ability to choose between two different webmail clients. With the webmail interface you can access your e-mails from any location you want and with nearly any device with internet access and a web browser.
  • 5GB Mailspace
  • 10 E-mail accounts
  • Attachments up to 128MB
  • Virus scanner
  • Spam protection
  • POP3/IMAP4 with SSL
  • Webmail
  • 2
    €/month incl. 19% VAT.
    Five Mailer
    This package provides everything you get at the One Mailer package. But at the Five Mailer package you get 25GB storage and 50 free configurable e-mail accounts.
  • 25GB Mailspace
  • 50 E-mail accounts
  • Attachments up to 128MB
  • Virus scanner
  • Spam protection
  • POP3/IMAP4 with SSL
  • Webmail
  • 3
    €/month incl. 19% VAT.
    Nine Mailer
    The biggest e-mail server package provides 45GB storage and 90 full e-mail accounts. This package can be used for 2 full domains.
  • 45GB Mailspace
  • 90 E-mail accounts
  • Dateianhänge up to 128MB
  • Virus scanner
  • Spam filter
  • POP3/IMAP4 with SSL
  • Webmail
  • Multi domain hosting

With all e-mail server packages you get the possibility to send and receive attachments with up to 128MB. In addition to the server spam filter and the server side virus scanner you can enable and configure a spam filter with many options for each e-mail account to prevent you from unwanted messages. A list with all functions of the e-mail server packages can be found on the e-mail server details page.

To the e-mail server package overview

WordPress Blog Hosting

WordPress hosting packages

  • 2
    €/month incl. 19% VAT.
    Tiny Blog
    The cheap entry package for every starting blogger provides with 1GB storage for your blog and 1GB storage for you e-mails enough space to share your ideas with the world.
  • WordPress
  • Serendipity
  • b2evolution
  • 1GB Webspace
  • 1GB Mailspace
  • 1 E-mail account
  • 1 Database
  • Memory Limit up to 96MB
  • € 4,76 now only

    €/month incl. 19% VAT.*
    Allround Blog - now 50% cheaper!
    If you need more resources this WordPress hosting package could be perfect for your needs. This package provides you 20GB total storage, 10 e-mail accounts, 5 databases and is fully usable for 2 domains.
  • WordPress
  • Serendipity
  • b2evolution
  • 10GB Webspace
  • 10GB Mailspace
  • 10 E-mail accounts
  • 5 Databases
  • Memory Limit up to 256MB

*Special price for the first year. From the second year, the standard price is € 4.76 (including 19% VAT)

  • 7
    €/month incl. 19% VAT.
    Pro Blog
    This for WordPress optimised professional package, is the best choice for large projects. Beside the generous storage space of 50GB, this hosting package provides you the ability to use memory limit of 512MB that should be enough resources for all memory intensive extensions. This package is fully usable for a total of 6 domains.
  • WordPress
  • Serendipity
  • b2evolution
  • 25GB Webspace
  • 25GB Mailspace
  • 50 E-mail accounts
  • 25 Databases
  • Memory Limit up to 512MB
  • Multi domain hosting

At all our WordPress hosting packages you can choose between three different blog software solutions. You can use WordPress, Serendipity or b2evolution.

To the WordPress hosting package overview

Easily register your new Domain

Easily get your own domain at

At you can register your own domain with a few simple steps and to an affordable price. In the first step you simply need to start a domain query on this page. You can select a specific domain ending or check many different domain names with one domain query. After the domain query you can directly see if the domain is available and the current price of this domain. If the domain you checked is a premium domain, you will get informed about that directly at the domain query results. After having chosen a domain, you can klick on "Register domain" to get forwarded to your Customer Center where you can register the domain.

New domain endings

New top level domains, infinite possibilities

The time where you could only select between a few domain endings are definitely over. Since the start of the new domains in the year 2014 hundreds of new top level domains were published. If for example your desired .com domain name is already taken, you can choose between hundreds of new gTLDs. These new Top-Level-Domains are not only representing the different countries any more. With the new top level domains you get the possibility to find the perfectly matching domain for your business, your hobby or simply yourself. The benefits of a perfectly matching domain ending should never be ignored, they are also part of the ranking parameters of the search engines like the industry giant Google. A creative and concise domain name stands out from other search results and can encourage potential customers to click on your link.

For example you are an actor, a .actor domain could be perfect represent you, or if you are the owner of a web shop, a .shop or .shopping domain would be the right choice, or if you offer services in the capital city Berlin then a .berlin domain could be the perfect domain ending for your new website.

Our domain price list offers a perfect overview of all new domain endings. With the filter "new domains available soon" you can get an overview which top level domains will be published in the near future. With us as partner, you will definitely find the ideal and cheap domain for your needs.

Free with every domain

Cheap is good, free even better!

At each domain registration at the following services are included for free:

  • Easy domain management
    The available management software is well tested and completely developed in-house. In your Customer Center you have all your services at a glance.
  • Domain & e-mail forwarding
    You are able to setup free domain forwarding (URL and Frame) and also free e-mail forwarding to any e-mail address for every domain you own. It’s also possible to create combinations of both forwarding types.
  • Edit DNS entries
    With the simple DNS editor you can change the DNS settings of your domain with a few simple steps.
  • Change domain owner information
    Beside the DNS entries you can also edit the domain owner information free and comfortable in your Customer Center.
  • Unlimited subdomains
    For every domain you can create an unlimited number of subdomains.
  • Technical support
    Our telephone support is available during the office hours for you. Our e-mail support is available 24x7 for your requests. At us you only talk to qualified technicians and not to a call center.
Domain Story

The story of the domain

Once upon a time... about 30 years ago as the Word Wide Web was still in its infancy. Back then such terms like "domain", "homepage" or "e-mail" were like foreign language to the majority of the population and technic geeks with thick hornrims weren’t multi-billionaires in those days, they were more likely known as some sort of weirdos.

On the 1st January 1985 the registration of the world’s first .net domain, it was called, took place and because of this a new era had begun. At that time the internet already existed for like 20 years, but nothing influenced the triumphal procession of this medium as much as the introduction of the domain names. After the first .net domain, the world’s first .com domain,, was registered on March the 15th 1985 by a company named Symbolics. Nowadays the .com domain is still one of the most popular domain endings in the world. By now there are approximately 110 million .com domains registered.

The introduction of the country domain ending for Germany started on the 5th November 1986, the .de Domain was born. Since this day everybody was able to register his own .de domain. The official registrar for .de domains is since that day the DENIC, which was located at the University of Dortmund in the very beginning. The demand from the public for .de domains was very low, till March 1988 there were only 6 .de domains registered at all. But the numbers of sold .de domains increased year by year and by the end of 2015 the amount of registered .de domains was at about 16 million pieces.

In the late 90’s the unstoppable triumphal march of the internet started. Step by step every country created their own domain ending and soon the amount of websites increased nearly exponential. Because of the high interest, short and remarkable domain names with the well-known domain endings, fast became scarce articles which made them barely to get. This unwanted shortage of domain names resulted in the invention of a new economic branch: domain trading. There are even domain names which had reached and still reach a 6-digid price when they are sold. The ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) reacted already at the end of the 90’s to this trend with the necessary steps. In the years 2000 and 2004 more new top level domains were introduced to the market because of the great demand.

In the middle of the year 2008, ICANN decided to ease the regulations for the registration of new domain endings, so the amount of available domains can be increased. On the 20th June 2011 the policy for the new generic top level domains (new gTLDs) were officially settled by ICANN. Applications for this policy were possible since the 12th January 2012. The interest was enormous and there were plenty of requests, among a lot of others also for the .berlin domain. Since the official launch of the new top level domains on the 23th October 2013 there were hundreds of new domain endings invented and many more interesting domain endings will be launched in time. So we can be very tense about the future of domain endings.