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with every domain registration

Extensive domain management

With the Customer Center you have the full control of all your domains. You can see the current period, existing addon services like hosting packages, e-mail server or SSL certificates. You can change or edit DNS entries with a few clicks, setup forwardings, create subdomains, change owner dates, order add-ons, order hosting packages and obviously register domains.

Free hosting and free e-mail

With the Free Hosting Package, you can use your domain productively at no additional cost. With 100 MB of space, the Free Hosting package offers you enough space to create a simple HTML website. In addition, you can create your own e-mail address (postmaster collective account) based on your domain name, such as postmaster@yourdomain.tld. With the free hosting package you will enjoy the security benefits of as well as the paid hosting packages. Free spam filter and virus scanner, SSL secure transmission of emails and an SSL encrypted management interface guarantee maximum security for your emails. Via webmail, you can manage your e-mails via the web browser of your choice regardless of location.

Whois Privacy by default

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law is in force since 25 May 2018. It is an EU wide law which determines the data protection regulations.
This regulation has a strong influence on the publicly available WHOIS data. Apart from technical information, only the company name (if set), the state and the country of the domain owner is displayed. In legally justified cases the registry provides information to concerned persons, like a registrar has to do at ICANN-approved WHOIS data protection services.

This regulation applies to over 90% of the domain endings offered. The handling depends on the responsible registry.

Homepage Designer Software

Use the Homepage Designer to create your own homepage at no extra cost. The Homepage Designer FREE can be ordered free of charge to any registered domain. With this software, you can create a web page in just a few steps. As the name suggests, this software is built according to the modular principle. You drag the individual elements, such as text, pictures or youtube videos to the desired position on your website and then adapt them to your wishes. The basic package offers 2 GB of total storage (1GB for the website, 1GB for e-mail), 22 design templates, an e-mail account and numerous modules. Everything you need for a successful start on the Internet. In addition to this free homepage kit package, we also offer two paid Homepage Designer packages. The largest package, the Homepage Designer PREMIUM package, provides unlimited memory for your website, unlimited memory for your e-mails, 1000 e-mail accounts, all design templates and all Homepage Designer modules. With this package, you can easily create your own online shop or a professional website.

Domain & e-mail forwarding

You can setup a domain and/or e-mail forwarding for all your domains free of charge. Domain forwarding: When choosing a domain forwarding you can select between an URL and FRAME forwarding. With both forwarding types your domain is getting forwarded to a desired destination address. Der difference is, that the destination address is shown in the address bar of the browser when you select URL forwarding. With the FRAME forwarding the forwarding destination is not visible for the visitors in there browsers, because the destination get loaded in a Frame. Some site owners like Facebook does not allow frame forwarding. If you want to forward your domain to your Facebook site you need to select URL forwarding. E-mail forwarding: With the e-mail forwardings you can forward all e-mail sent to your domain (e.g. office@yourdomain.tld) to any other e-mail address. It is also possible to setup a combination of domain and e-mail forwardings.

Edit DNS records

With the well tested Domain Zone Editor you have the full control on your DNS settings. You can edit existing entries or create new ones. With that you are for example able to set the DNS entries for Office 365 or add a subdomain to your domain. For every domain name you have the possibility to use our 4 name server for free.

Overview of the available entry types:

  • A
    Address entry, which points the domain or subdomain to any IP-address, also called IP-Pointing.
  • AAAA
    Address entry, which points the domain or subdomain to any IPv6-address, also called IPv6-Pointing.
    Also an address entry, but the domain name or subdomain points to another domain name.
  • MX
    Contains information about which server(s) are used with which priority for the mail exchange.
  • TXT
    Can be used for custom text in the DNS-zone. It is commonly used for providing SPF-information (Sender Policy Framwork).

Change owner information

For any registered domain you can change the owner information of your domain at any time for free!  There are no hidden costs for processing any changes.

Unlimited subdomains

For each at us registered domain you can create unlimited subdomains. If you want for example setup your own shop at the domain shop.yourdomain.tld, you can setup that subdomain with a few clicks in your Customer Center.

Technical support

Our excellentsupport team is available during the office times (Mon-Thu 8:00-17:00, Fri 8:00-15:30) per telephone. Our e-mail support is available 24x7 the whole day long. In addition to that you can find a lot of information and tutorials about your products in our domain and hosting manual.