The Customer Center

Here you can manage your customer account, services and orders.
You can also adjust the name servers and DNS entries of your domains here.

Simple and comfortable management with the in-house developed Customer Center.

Explanation of the individual functions of the Customer Center

The clear and easy to use Customer Center is used as central management tool for your customer data, payments, invoices, domains, hosting packages and all other services. In your Customer Center you have the ability to order domains, hosting packages and additional services like SSL certificates.


Your details

  • See and edit customer data.
  • Information about your current credit.
  • Charge your credit.
  • Overview of all messages sent to you from us.
  • Delete user.

Modify your data

  • Link to edit your customer data.

Notifications to you

  • Link to see and read all you notifications.



  • You can see your current credit.

Account info

  • Here you can find an overview of your current credit and an overview of all account movements.

Make a payment

  • Here you can charge your account. As payment provider you can use credit card, PayPal and bank transfer.


  • An overview of all invoices and the possibility for downloading as PDF or printing.



  • All your purchases like domains, name servers and hosting packages in one view. You can also see the current periods of your services. Renewals and terminations can also be executed at this menu item.


  • Overview of the domain data and registered domains.
  • Owner information can be changed here.
  • The AuthCode for a domain can be requested.
  • Terminations and renewals of the domain.
  • Name server settings (DNS) for your domain.
  • Hosting packages can be ordered.
  • Addition services like restore of a backup, cronjobs, SSL certificates and many more can be ordered for that domain.

Nameserver service

  • If you use our name server for your domain or use a free name server service, you can edit your zone-entries here.

Hosting package

  • All necessary settings and information about your hosting package.
  • Access the Control Panel, the management tool of our hosting package.
  • Open Webmail.
  • Upgrade and downgrade of your hosting package.
  • Renewal or termination of the hosting package.
  • Management of the linked domain.
  • Name server settings of the linked domain.
  • Optional packages can be ordered.



  • Overview of all requests.


Order new domain

  • Registration of a new domain: Choose one from over 350 domain endings. You can do a domain check to find out in real-time if the wished domain is available.
  • Domain transfer: Enter your domain to the domain lookup. With the link “initiate transfer” you can request a domain transfer.

Order namerserver service

  • You can use our 4 name servers for free. If you enter our name servers for your domain you can set and change DNS entries of your domain for free. You have access to our well-engineered zone-editor, which you can use to manage all the entries on your own.


Order hosting package

  • With that entry you can order a hosting package or e-mail server package for your domain. You are able to order a hosting without or for an external domain. For that simply enter any domain name or the external domain name at “Domain/Hostname” of the second step.

Order forwarding

  • For any domain a free domain and/or e-mail forwarding can be ordered. For domain forwardings an URL forwarding (destination is shown in the address bar of the browser) or a FRAME forwarding (destination is not shown in the address bar) can be ordered.

Additional Information | Support


  • With that link you can get to our website

Online manual

  • In our online manual you can find a lot of questions and answers about domains, hosting, e-mail and the Customer Center. In the online manual you find information about domain transfer, owner changes, changing the DNS entries, information about the available PHP version, databases, e-mail tutorials, webmail, e-mail spam filters and many more.

Support contact form

  • At that menu item you can find all information on how to contact our support.

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