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Webspace + free FTP + free E-mail!

200 MB SSD total memory

Email account

Guaranteed ad-free!

Spam filter and virus scanner

At you get more for your money!

For every domain registered at you can order the free hosting package.

  • 100 MB webspace for your website
  • 100 MB of storage space for emails
  • Free e-mail account with SSL encryption
  • Daily backups & malwarescans
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

Use your domain productively at no extra cost.

Free hosting included services

 Free webspace package Scope of service

  • 200 MB SSD total memory

    for websites and emails. 100 MB memory for web pages. 100 MB memory for e-mails. Hosting on fast SSD disks.

  • 10 GB included in the data transfer (monthly)
  • Extensive Hosting Control Panel
  • 1 e-mail account

    POP3, IMAP4 e-mail account with TLS or SSL encryption. Postmaster E-mail Collective Account (postmaster@yourdomain.tld).

  • 1 FTP user
  • Unlimited to unlock many more domains via domain forwarding
  • Guaranteed ad-free!
  • Support

    Extensive online manual with detailed e-mail instructions and questions and answers about domains and hosting.

 Free Webspace details

  • 100 MB free Webspace

    Storage space for your website - expandable at any time.

  • Domain with and without 'www.' reachable
  • SSL encrypted online administration

    All webspace settings can be conveniently and securely administered online via the Hosting Control Panel.

  • Upgrade and extension possible at any time

    You can always switch to a larger service package or order individual additional services.

  • Domain Forwarding

    Forward all web requests to another domain.

  • Online file manager

    Upload and change files via a comfortable web interface.

  • Access to log records

    Records of the web server (accesses) available online.

 SSL, data security, backup

  • Exclusively own server hardware
  • Server location Vienna

    Free hosting at Austria's most important Internet hub.

  • 99.9% availability guarantee

    Independent tests prove that our services are always available.

  • daily backups, data backup

 FTP Server Funktionen

  • 1 FTP usre
  • TLS encrypted file transfer
  • multiple simultaneous FTP connections per user
  • No speed limit

    Upload data to the web space at full speed.

 Free E-mail server functions

  • 1 e-mail account

    POP3, IMAP4 e-mail account with TLS or SSL encryption (postmaster collective account).

  • Unlimited E-Mail Alias addresses

    Create any number of e-mail addresses!

  • 100 MB of storage space for emails
  • Proven Server Spam Filter

    Automatically active - filters all messages incomplete and incorrectly configured "mail server".

  • Free e-mail virus scanner

    Free all your inbound and outbound emails from various pests.

  • Catch all e-mails

    All e-mails to non-existent accounts / addresses of your domain are stored in your postmaster mailbox on request.

  • Internal and external e-mail forwarding

    (For example, forward user1@yourdomain.tld to user2@yourdomain.tld or user1@otherdomain.tld).

  • Autoresponder

    Automatic answering of emails / eMail-on-demand.

  • AJAX Webmail, SSL secured

    Read and send e-mails from the web browser regardless of location and password, passwords and e-mails are transmitted SSL encrypted!

  • Classic webmail, SSL secured

    ideally suited for access with mobile devices. Passwords and e-mails are transmitted SSL encrypted!

  • SMTP server for your domain with TLS encryption

    SMTP server for sending e-mails.

  • SMTP authentication

    Only messages originating from your e-mail program are accepted by the mail server.

  • SSL encrypted online administration

    All e-mail settings can be administered easily and securely online.

  • E-mail retrieval via POP3

    E-mails can be retrieved via POP3. The use of SSL encryption is required.

  • E-mail retrieval via IMAP4

    E-mails can be retrieved via IMAP4. The use of SSL encryption is required. Advantage: All e-mails are always available on the server.

  • Spam filter for every mailbox

    Powerful filter maintained by our specialist staff against unwanted advertising emails. high quality filter that stands out from the crowd. Individually configurable in the Domaintechnik Control Panel for each mailbox.