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Special offer for the first year instead of 129.71. Annual price incl. 19% VAT.

.versicherung domain specifics

.versicherung domains can only be registered by insurance-related organizations with headquarters in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Liechtenstein. The following organizations are classified as insurance-related from the registry for .versicherung domains and can register a domain without further proof:
  • Social insurers, insurers, reinsurers
  • Insurance intermediary with legal registration or approval
  • Insurance Consultants, Insurance
  • Honorary advisor to insurance benefits
  • Regulatory or supervisory bodies of the insurance industry
  • Registered associations of the insurance industry
  • Trade publishers of the insurance industry
  • Lawyers specializing in insurance law
  • On the insurance industry specialized IT companies
  • An experienced service provider for the insurance industry
  • On the insurance industry specialized IT companies
  • Education and training support of the insurance industry
In the whois data of domain name registration a legal address for the domain must be specified. Registrants of the insurance domain will be checked by the Registry annually to ensure that the registrant actually pursues insurance activities.

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.versicherung Domain price information:

New registration:
(Price for the first year)
Price per registration year:129.71
Setup fee:0,00
Transfer costs:*129.71
Owner change:0.00
Nameserver change:0,00
Price in Euro including 19% VAT.

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*After the domain name has been transferred, it will be renewed for one year.
The current registration term will be preserved and extended by one year. There is no loss of paid registration-terms.

How are domain-names renewed or cancelled?

.versicherung domains are always renewed automatically. You will receive a notification about the upcoming expiry date 90, 60, 30, and 14 days before expiration. In order to be able to renew a .versicherung domain, sufficient credit on the customer's account is required. All notifications will therefore also include the current balance and the amount required for renewal. The address for delivering these notifications can be set in the customer-center. If a domain name is no longer to be renewed, it can be terminated without bureaucracy in the customer center.

What happens if you do not respond to the renewal notification?

If the customer account does not have the required balance during the extension period of the domain name, no automatic renewal can take place. The .versicherung domain will be suspended at the expiration date in this case. A suspended domain is no longer available and can therefore no longer be used for websites, e-mails, or other previously associated services. A suspended .versicherung domain is still renewable. In the 30 days after the expiration of the paid service period, this is possible in exchange for the renewal fee and the fees for the domain-recovery (Undelete: gTLDs).

When will my domain be deleted?

If the suspension period of 30 days expires unused, the domain is deleted. Even deleted .versicherung domains can still be recovered. In addition to the renewal fee, fees will be charged for the domain-recovery (Restore: gTLDs) in the 30 days after deletion.