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Free Hosting
for bloggers and journalists

What we offer you

3 years free hosting for all bloggers and journalists!

You get every hosting product guaranteed for 3 years completely free. You can choose between Hosting Packages, WordPress Hosting Packages, Homepage Designer Packages or Email Server Packages.

What we expect from you

You compose an extensive blog post, test report, comparison test or a general, subject-specific article for us. This article will be provided with a link specified by us. You also guarantee that this article is online in the future.

How the thing works

Just send us an e-mail to support(at) to clarify the details. Then sign up with us as a new customer and we will provide you the desired product for 3 years free of charge. If you would like to switch to your domain, blog or website, we will gladly assist you in moving to our high performance servers.