Questions and answers about your Customer Center

How can I register as a new customer?

How do I register as a new customer?

To register as a new customer go to the menu entry "Login" and select "register as new customer" at "Customer Center". Alternatively, you can also register here as a new customer.

I forgot my password for the Customer Center.

The login data is defined by you during the registration process. With the "Forgot password?" link you are able to request a new password to your defined e-mail address. To request a new password for your Customer Center, the username or password you used at the registration is needed. You will receive an e-mail with a link. With that link you are able to set a new password for your Customer Center.

Order, extension of services

How can I order a domain?

1. If you are visiting our website: You can start a domain query on our home page, our domain price list or on each domain detail page. After you have chosen a domain name you will get forwarded to our Customer Center.

2. If you are in your Customer Center: In the main menu go to "Order" and start a "new domain query". With that you can check the availability of the domain and place your order.

How can I order a hosting package?

You can order a hosting package during the registration of a new domain or you order a hosting package for an existing domain.

1. For a new domain: After the domain check during a domain registration, you are able to select the desired hosting package.

2. For an existing domain: In your Customer Center go to "Order" and select "order hosting package only". During the order process you need to provide the domain for which the hosting package should be created.

Are my services at renewed automatically?

You always get an e-mail 90/60/30 days before the date of renewal on the provided e-mail address of your account. You get informed about the needed credit, if you need to charge it. If you have enough credit, your services will get renewed for the next year automatically.

Contact details, invoices, payment, termination

How can I pay at

The payment works based on a prepaid system, which means, that you have to charge the credit of your customer account, to be able to order a domain, hosting package or any other product. The credit can be charged with credit card, PayPal and bank transfer.

Your credit can be charged in your Customer Center.

To use PayPal or credit cards please follow these steps:

1. In the Customer Center go to "Account / Payment" and select "make a payment".
2. When using PayPal or credit card follow the assistant step by step. After a successful payment you can see the current credit.

When using bank transfer follow these steps:

1. In the Customer Center go to "Account / Payment" and select "make a payment".
2. Transfer the desired amount to the following account:
Recipient: GmbH
Bank: Erste Österr. Bank der Sparkassen AG
IBAN: AT64 2011 1287 1353 2000

Be shure to provide your SID identification number (Customer Number) when you want to charge your account. The customer number can be found on the "Main" page in the Customer Center at "Customer" ->"Your details".

Please send us a notification about the executed bank transfer. Without that we can’t guarantee that we can assign your payment correctly. You risk unnecessary blocking of your services.

Always keep a bank transfer confirmation, with the payed amount, the date of the transaction and your contact data. When we can’t assign the payment to any customer, a copy of that information can help us.

Sometimes bank transfers need more than 6 working days until they are visible at our account. Please calculate enough time for the processing of your transaction. You have to assume all bank charges.

How can I change my customer details?

At first login to your Customer Center. Open the menu entry "Customer". Now you can see an overview of all your provided details. With the Link "Edit data" you are able to update your name, address, password and all other details.

Where can I find my invoices?

You receive your invoice after the renewal of your product as e-mail to your provided e-mail address. In addition to that all created invoices can be found in your Customer Center. For that you need to login to your Customer Center and select "Customer" in the main menu. Now you can select "invoices" in the side menu on the right. On that site you can see an overview of all your invoices. You are able to download each invoice as a PDF document.

Where can I see the end date/last termination date of my domains/services?

The end date of your domains and hosting packages can be found in the Customer Center at the menu entry "Purchases" ->"All". On that page you can see an overview of all your products.

How can I cancel a product?

You are able to cancel your products online in your Customer Center. For that go to "Purchases", select the product you want to cancel and click on "terminate". Please notice the last termination date, which can be found on the products detail page. Alternatively, you can terminate your services in written with our cancellation form.
Please send the from which was signed by the domain owner via fax to +43 (0) 6215 20889, scanned per e-mail to or simply mail it to us.