Set up a new e-mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird 52.x.

Bellow you find a detailed description of how to set up a new e-mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird 52.x.

Step 1

First of all start Mozilla Thunderbird 52.x. You can do so by typing "Thunderbird" into the search bar of Windows or with an desktop or taskbar icon. Note:
If you haven’t installed Mozilla Thunderbird 52.x yet you can download the current version here:

Step 2

Click on "Email" at your main window of Mozilla Thunderbird 52.x.

Step 3

Now click on the left field named "Skip this and use my existing email".

Step 4

Please enter your name into the field "Your name". Type in the e-mail address which you want to set up into the field "Email address" and enter the associated password of the e-mail address. The password was set at the Email Manager module of your Control Panel. Click on "Continue" to start checking if the entered e-mail address and password are correct.

Step 5

After the check is completed please select "IMAP (remote folders)" and open "Manual config".

Step 6

Please make sure you enter the settings like they are shown in the screenshots to ensure you are using a SSL secured connection. "Incoming:" The "Server hostname" is The "Port" is 993 and for "SSL" please use SSL/TLS. The "Authentication" is set to Normal password. "Outgoing:" The outgoing "Server hostname" is also The used "Port" is 587 . At the point "SSL" you select STARTTLS and the "Authentication" is also Normal password. The "Username" for "Incoming" and "Outgoing" is both your e-mail address. Afterwards you click on "Re-test" to check if the settings are correct. The "Re-test" might change some of your settings like a "Port" or the "Authentication". If so, please change it back to the values which are shown in the screenshots.

Step 7

After you have made the "Re-test" and checked if all settings are still correct you can finish the setup with the button "Done". Mozilla Thunderbird is now verifying your data for one last time and if everything is correct, the new e-mail address have been set up.